The Plaza Hotel is Mapjacked

Update I am happy to note that The Plaza has been returned to its rightful glory as of this evening (3/16/09). Unfortunately the spammers domain still has 229 entries in the index across the US.

The Plaza Hotel in NYC has been an important, even iconic, location for events real and imagined in American life. It occupies a a storied place in the American narrative. Truman Capote hosted his acclaimed “Black & White Ball” in the Grand Ballroom in 1966. It has served as a backdrop for over 15 movies and TV shows including North by Northwest, the Sopranos, Home Alone and Crocodile Dundee.

It once again is playing a leading role in America’s newest drama…its business listing has been mapjacked by Locksmith’s, in the ongoing saqa of mapspam in Google Maps. When you search on The Plaza, NY NY this is what you see:

The hijacking of the Google Maps listing of the Plaza Listing was done by Locksmiths to achieve a high ranking on the phrase Locksmith NYC:


When you click through to the reviews via either listing this is what is presented:
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Google Maps: Will More Fully Integrated User Created Content Generate Mapspam?

In the past I have written extensively about how Google was indexing KML & RSS files and integrating that information into Maps and why that made having your own kml information and geo sitemap important.

At the LatLong Blog, Google has announced that this user generated map content will now be more fully integrated with Maps results:

[W]e’ve recently taken yet another step on our quest to make Google Maps more user driven: fully blending user-created content into our search results.

Some of our more regular users may have noticed that we’d been sparingly doing this for a while now, occasionally surfacing results from KML, GeoRSS, or Wikipedia we crawl from the web, along with photos and videos we think would be useful – but now we’ve opened the floodgates! From now on, you can expect to see more higher quality user-created content to show up, often intermixed with our traditional results.

As examples of this integration google noted non mainstream searches that would not like have many IYP type entries like “falafel carts in nyc” and “bridge collapse in MN“. My own example would be “squirrels in Olean NY“.

It is conceivable to me that user generated content might offer a way to expand a business categories on the very long tail of local searches. Given the low volume of users currently inside of Maps (just how low you ask? well lets not go there…) compared to those seeing the 10Pack, this might not produce incredible immediate results. But Maps traffic is on the rise and the highlighting of this content might provide significant future benefit. 

This raises a number of questions:

1)Will these results be visibly integrated with businesses that have strong category presence now?
2)How will they rank this content? Will it use a similar system to the current maps ranking algo?
3)Will it start showing up in the Local 10-Pack?
4)Will spammers be able to use it to infiltrate traditional category rankings?
5)Will Google put spam guards in early on or will they wait until it is a tidal wave?

Blumenthal accused of Bad Humor: Pleads Guilty

Yesterday in my post making fun of Locksmith Hijackers picking inappropriate targets to hijack, I made a geeky Maps log joke that was so ludricous on all levels that I could not conceive of even one person taking it at face value…I was wrong both as to the potential humor and to the fact that not even one person could take it at face value…. it obviously was taken seriously by more than one person. To those folks I apologize.

Google Maps Fixes Newest Hack & Adds Private Mapspam Reporting Form

Maps Guide Jen has commented that Google has now fixed the most recent hack that allowed records claimed in the Local Business Center to be hijacked:

Hi Mike,
Thanks again for bringing these cases to our attention. The issue involved was different from the ones that affected listings a few months ago. Like those, it’s now fixed.

Maps Guide Jen has also noted in her comments that there is now a Mapspam reporting form that replaces the previous publicly visible reporting thread in the Maps Help forum:

As you all know, we’re working hard to clean up the spam on Maps, and to make it easier and easier for business owners to make sure their listings are accurate. Keep sending your reports to us at “Report an instance of a user spamming Google Maps business listings” found here:


The Mapspam reporting form is available in the Contact Options area of Maps Help.

The form (visible below) will hopefully encourage more active and detailed reporting of Mapspam to Google. In removing the postings from the public domain, though, it may also make it harder to bring the critical transparency to Google Maps that it obviously needs.

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Will MapMaker + Steetview Replace TeleAtlas?

In January I speculated Google’s Streetview Data be could used to replace TeleAtlas. One of the elements missing from this scenario was that TeleAtlas also provides Google with routing information and Google had not yet developed routing capacity.

Well it appears now that Google has internally developed directional routing and has released it in their Map Maker product serving the many markets world wide not covered by TeleAtlas or NavTeq. 

From the Google Lat Long Blog announcement:

Over the past few months, users have created rich and comprehensive maps in 164 countries around the world. Today with our newly launched feature on Google Map Maker, you can get driving directions in regions where this was not previously available.

Interestingly, consistent with the wiki nature of Map Maker, this feature allows for user correction and editing of the routes:

In the spirit of Map Maker, you can correct the directions as appropriate. Note that for every turn in the directions, you can edit the intersection details such as name and whether turns are allowed or not (known as turn restrictions). 

It appears to me that this feature is one more way stop on the way to Google’s complete control over the Maps data set and the cutting out of TeleAtlas from the process.

Article at SEL: Despite Fixes, Google Maps Still Vulnerable To Spam

SearchEngineLand is running an opinion piece that I wrote: Despite Fixes, Google Maps Still Vulnerable To Spam which summarizes much of the recent goings on with insecure records at Maps.

In the article I voiced the opinion that Google in unleashing an immature product on us had gained much, while loosing little and that the real loosers were the hijacked businesses. Let me know what you think of the article.

Is Google Maps Battening Down the Hatches?

Gogole Maps is now presenting a stronger indication that a previously claimed record can not be claimed by a second party. This new feature was pointed out to me by the folks from the Inn at Tanglewood Hall, a bed and breakfast in York Harbor, ME:


There are a number of ways to get to the Edit button in a business listing and for now at least, this new message is only available when you click on the pin and then on the edit. One presumes that it will soon be the default response across the board.

Google Maps Hijacker to Boss: “Oops I hijacked the wrong business”

The Locksmith industry brings out the worst in search marketing and where but New York City to get the worst of the worst? A recent trend in hijackings there and elsewhere across the country has been cross industry hijackings where a restaurant or hotel record is stolen by a blackhat locksmith for the benefit of its many reviews.

These hijackings are easy to spot because the volume of reviews is SO high compared to the rest of the listings in the 10-Pack. Note the listings marked with the arrows were hotels or restaurants in Google Maps once upon a time:


But sometimes even the best of bad intentions can go woefully astray. This listing had 785 reviews and each was worst than the last….

Would you shop at a locksmith that couldn’t even steal a good business listing?


Is it possible to unhijack a listing? Otherwise this hijacker’s job should be on the line.

Google Maps LBC: Claimed Business Listings Still Being Hijacked?

In June of last year, reports started flowing into Google support groups about hijackings of claimed listings. In December, I communicated to Google a method by which “blackhat” locksmiths were hijacking business records previously claimed via the Local Business Center and which Google had posited as secure. Towards the end of January, Google notified me that this particular vector had been closed and that I was free to talk about it.

It appears though, that claimed records are still able to be hijacked. It was recently reported in the Google Maps forum that a claimed listing has once again been hijacked.

I followed up with the poster. The above record, legitimately claimed in the client’s LBC, was compromised over this past weekend. In emails with other Locksmiths, it appears there are additional reports of hijackings of claimed listings as recently as the past 4 days.

It is unclear whether the same or different tactics are being used. It does seem quite certain that these supposedly secure records are being compromised.

In related news, “blackhat” locksmiths have been compromising unclaimed listings in the hotel and restaurant business. This is similar to the floral hijackings and brand name hijackings during this past year. The blackhats take control of popular restaurant and hotel listings to gain benefit of the many web citations and reviews.
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Google PlusBox – Will Life Imitate Art(?)?

I have written often and critically of Google’s (mis)use of the PlusBox since it was introduced in December 2006:

Google and the PlusBox Blues
Google Plus Box – Where does the (wrong) data come from?
Change Your Address In The Google Plusbox In 5 Simple Steps
An Internet Change of Address Guide

Last April 1, I wrote a post: Local Business Center upgrade now allows Plus Box control that noted that Google was now allowing business owners to more directly control the use of the oft errant PlusBox. Even though the post was a total fabrication, a number of readers and SearchEngineLand gave a huge sigh of relief that this pesky problem generator had been finally fixed. 

Well in a strange twist, it seems that Google may be getting ready to fix the PlusBox in a fashion similar to the one I recommended last April Fools Day. Or at least they are thinking about it. Here is a recent posting at the Google Maps Help Forum:


Is the ability of the Local Business Center to feed correct info to the PlusBox new? Will it override strong signals from across the web? How long does it take for it to impact the PlusBox?

In the past, we have seen numerous cases of correct LBC, correct website but incorrect or outdated PlusBox information. 


  Joel H  
Google Employee
4:09 AM

It most circumstances, the Local Business Center’s ‘authority page’ will override the plus box. It can take a couple weeks or more before the change goes live on There are cases where the strong signals from across the web will override the LBC. 

However, we’ve been actively discussing what’s the right thing to do here. And, I’ll update this group when we make changes to this interaction.

(Note, I have added the bold)

Who knows, maybe this April 1st I will be writing an article titled: Local Business Center upgrade now allows Plus Box control

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