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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Mike B Around the Universe (Which is the Webs)


Analysis Image Packs and the Localization of Google Product Search

In the past, image search optimization was complicated and returns were minimal for local businesses. That’s all starting to change.

Analysis Confessions of a Google Local Guide Google

Google incentivizes quantity over quality with user-generated content. Local businesses should take control of their profile images or be at the mercy of the UGC hordes

Video & Transcript: Obtaining a Personal Brand Panel – A Discussion with Jason Barnard

As an author, scholar, expert and even business owner becomes more prominent in their industry, and authoritative in their knowledge – the Google SERP can reflect their trust in that knowledge by showing a personal brand panel – or personal knowledge panel.

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The Near Memo, Episode 18

Is there a solution to fake review?; Google’s Grand Vision for search is nothing if not ambitious; How a local bookstore is fighting for his business and his community in his fight against Amazon.

Video: Last Week in Local for Week Ending June 7, 2021

Join Mary Bowling, me and special guest Jason Barnard as we discuss the weeks’ news in local search & SEO

Other Contributions Around the Web

Washington Post – Laura Sydell reports that from rehab centers to family doctors, patients trying to find good medical care are increasingly finding fake consumer reviews — and there are no signs of an imminent crackdown. I get to add my 2 cents 🙂
Google Hopes AI Can Turn Search Into a Conversation
Wired; Khari Johnson notes that the tech giant wants its core product to infer meaning from human language, answer multipart questions—and look more like Google Assistant sounds. On this one I gave my 3 cents about the future of search! Up and to the right.
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