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Hitwise confirms Google Maps Market Share Gain from Local 10-Pack Intro

I have noted in the past that Google very much controls their own destiny when it come to traffic to their Maps product. In early January, Heather Hopkins took a year long look at the growth of Google Maps traffic at the expense of Mapquest. Google has often made changes that has improved their traffic while negatively affecting the traffic of their main competitors, MapQuest and Yahoo. You can see a graphic illustration of their power to control their own destiny in this chart.

The January introduction of the Local 10-pack is another obvious example of this trend. At the time of the 10-pack introduction Google clearly indicated that they were striving for increased consumer awareness of Maps. On March 18th Google’s Hanke noted to Greg Sterling: (Hanke) wouldn’t tell me specifics about whether traffic to Maps had increased as a result. However, he said that Google was pleased with the change and it was having the desired effect.

This morning, Heather Hopkins has provided me with updated Google Maps traffic figures that confirm a roughly 21% upswing in Map’s traffic over the past 2 months since the official Janaury 23rd introduction of the Local 10 Pack:


It will be interesting to see if this growth came once again at the expense of Google’s competitors, MapQuest and Yahoo. I am betting that it has.

Local Links of Interest

Google’s LBC: Now With More Fiber– Mike Boland, Kelsey Group

A good summary of how the inclusion of video in the Google LBC can benefit local search marketing. Interestingly, he points out that Google was allowing (c)ompanies such as TurnHere and eLocalListing were already uploading this content for their SMB clients via direct partnership, but this essentially makes it possible for more firms to do it with less friction.

State-of-the Art: Trends in Mobile Search – Jeff Quip, AimClear Blog

An good summary of the session at SES New York 2008 search marketing conference. Outlines in broad details the history & future of the mobile search market and why it makes sense to be there now

Google search plug-in for Windows Mobile promises more of the same – Tim Conneally, BetaNews

Notes the availability of a plug-in for Windows Mobile devices, which provides a shortcut on the home screen to Google’s search. He also provides anectdotal reports of Google mobile search dominance and how this supports that dominance.

New comScore IYP Data – Greg Sterling, Screenwerk

The numbers indicate that network have a significant share of the IYP searches. But it is hard to tell since as Greg points out “(t)hese traffic data don’t capture local search on the main search engines, which is where much of the local query volume is.”

700MHz Non-Surprise: Verizon & AT&T Win Auction Blocks – Greg Sterling, LocalMobileSearch

Google’s wireless-auction loss called possible win – Eric Auchard, Reuters

Google Inc’s losing bid for coveted wireless airwaves may prove a victory for the Web search leader as it still stands to get access to mobile networks without spending tens of billions of dollars to build one, analysts said on Thursday.

Wall Street analysts said the Silicon Valley Internet search and advertising giant has succeeded in forcing open network requirements upon winning bidder Verizon Communications via Google’s apparent strategy of “bidding to lose.”

5 Edit Session Limit on new Google Map Edit Feature

This thread appeared in the Google Maps Troubleshooting Group in which Maps Guide Jen confirmed that there is a 5 edit limit to the number of Maps edits that can be made at one time:

TOPIC: Editing limits

== 1 of 3 ==
Date: Wed, Mar 19 2008 2:04 pm
From: I’m going around my town, looking up places I know of, especially
fairly newly opened places, and updating them in Google Maps.

But after every 5 edits or so, I get a message saying “You’ve edited
too much lately, come back later.”

This is dumb. I’m actively trying to go around my town fixing places,
and I don’t see the point in doing 5 now, then having to wait an hour,
do 5 more, wait another hour, 5 more, etc. I’ll just stop doing it,
because it’s not worth the insulting annoyance.

== 2 of 3 ==
Date: Wed, Mar 19 2008 2:12 pm
From: NWT

Actually, I think it’s great. Google wants to prevent people from
abusing the system. They don’t know if what you are doing is true or
not, so they limit the number of times you can do it.

If you understand, that’s fine. If you want to be insulted by it,
that’s fine too. But, then, how do you propose they prevent abuse?

== 3 of 3 ==
Date: Wed, Mar 19 2008 3:33 pm
From: “Maps Guide Jen”

Nobody likes spam (unless it’s spiced ham, in which case I’m all for it),
but we’re definitely not out to frustrate you and prevent you from using
this feature, either. I’m making a note of your request. Thanks for your
feedback, and thanks as always, NWT, for your insights!


Google Maps: Video can now be added in Local Business Center

Steve Espinosa has noted on his blog that Maps is now supporting the option of adding a video to your business record in the Local Business Center. The feature is now live.

The process of adding a video is similar to adding a photo. The business is allowed to display up to 5 videos in their Maps record and once they are added in the LBC, they show up immediately in the Map record. Interestingly they display before the photos.

Maps Record Screenshot:


Local Business Center Add Video Screenshot:
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Local Links of Interest

Yahoo Local Full of Affiliate Spam – eClick Performance Blog

A great article on the large amount of affiliate spam in the hotel industry on Yahoo Local as a result of allowing end user edits.  Affiliates essentially highjack unclaimed records and interject their url on a pass through basis to the actual hotel website, thus accruing referral fees. A cautionary tale for Google. Ahh the web we weave for money.

Google sees surge in Web use on mobile phones – Eric Auchard , Reuters

“We have very much hit a watershed moment in terms of mobile Internet usage,” Matt Waddell, a product manager for Google Mobile, said in an interview. “We are seeing that mobile Internet use is in fact accelerating.

The growing availability of flat-rate data plans from phone carriers instead of per-minute charges that previously discouraged Internet use, along with improved Web browsers on mobile phones as well as better-designed services from companies like Google are fueling the growth, Waddell argued.

FCC 700MHz Auction Over: Incumbents Likely Win – Greg Sterling, LocalMobileSearch

The C Block, which was the most closely watched of the various blocks will be subject to the openness provisions that Google pushed for. However, it was probably won by Verizon or perhaps AT&T. This may allow the winner to build next-generation (4G) networks but doesn’t really diversify the competitive landscape. From that perspective the auction might be called a failure.

Given that the $4.6 reserve price was met for the C Block airwaves, the winning bidder will have to allow any legal device to work on it and not play gatekeeper with software. This sets up an independent way for Android phones to make their way into consumers’ hands. Pricing, however, will be an “X variable.” How much will it cost non-Verizon or non-AT&T customers, I’m assuming, to bring their devices to this network?

Adobe begins work on Flash player for iPhone – AppleInsider

Narayen made the revelation during a conference call with investors, explaining that Apple’s recent release of an iPhone software developers kit (SDK) has afforded his company the necessary tools to finally begin work a version of its proprietary media player for the touch-screen handset.

“We believe Flash is synonymous with the Internet experience, and we are committed to bringing Flash to the iPhone,” he said. “We have evaluated (the software developer tools) and we think we can develop an iPhone Flash player ourselves.”

Google Local Business Center Upgrade -Unlimited Category Options

With the recent rollout of Add a Place to Map , allowing everyone to add a listing to maps with its more flexible categorization structure, Google has also upgraded the categorization system in the Local Business Center.

This upgrade comes in response to 18 months of complaints in the Google Maps for Business Group. The all too common refrain: Why can’t I be in the same category as my competitor, will no longer be heard. The very limited and limiting system previously used by Google forced unusual workarounds for businesses that did not fit into the small number of categories. In a February 22nd interview with Carter Maslan, Maps Product Management Director, he indicated that this category upgrade was in the works.

The new categorization system still allows only 5 category entries per business. They can however, be from a much larger list of Google provided suggestions or entered in an ad-hoc fashion in any way that the business owner wishes. Under the previous category system there was but one category choicein the insurance area: Services – Insurance (to see a list of all previous categories)


There are similar suggestions in every business category area. This increased category flexibility also open new possibilities for spam. For lack of a better term, this CatSpam could affect rankings and listings as much as previous Maspamming techniques of Business Title manipulation, location & address manipulation, bulk upload abuse, phone book listing capers and sophisticated combination tactics.

However in the interview with Maslan in February, it was obvious that Google is aware of this possibility:

He felt that over the long haul the best solution was to allow the users to make corrections to the listings and then have some way to make that visible in the ranking. They are definitely pursuing more user input which he hoped would provide an ultimate reduction of the frustration levels. They are also putting in place techniques to prevent abuse. Their general philosophy is that there are more good people than bad but that the bad are very motivated, and that with the right balance of technology they can have high confidence in the data.

This past Sunday, on the Google Operating System Blog, Matt Cutts commented:

I would assume that Google is going to take mapspam quite seriously. I invited someone from the local team to discuss the subject in depth with my entire team just last week, for example, and we talked about lots of ways to work together. So my personal advice would be to make sure that your business name/category is accurate.

Ominous advice for sure. It will be interesting to see how this is policed and managed in the coming months as significantly more data flows into Maps from users and business owners alike.

Google Maps Guide Brian promoting new Add to Map feature

I just received the following email from Maps Guide Brian:

From: “Maps Guide Brian”
Date: Tue, March 18, 2008 6:10 pm
To: “Google Maps Help Group – Current Issues”

Add, edit and mark locations for removal. Check out videos and
instructions in the “Editing places” section of the “Search” tab in
the Google Maps User Guide.
You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Current Issues” group.
To post to this group, send email to

To unsubscribe from this group, send email to
For more options, visit this group at

Google Maps Add new place to Map update

In the posting at the Google Lat Long Blog google has noted the following about the new Add/Edit Place to Map feature :

•The feature is only available in U.S., Australia, and New Zealand
•It can be used to edit a business as well as add new content. In this context it can be used to note a new location, new hours or a store closing

Previously I had noted that the option was only available in broad address searches. This is not correct as the option appears at the bottom of the Maps results on any Map query.

Also the option to edit existing business listings, while possibly open to abuse, may provide a down and dirty spam reporting mechanism.

Local Links of Interest

From Camel’s Eyelids to Auto-geolocation: the Future of Mobile and Local Search AIMClear Blog
A good update of the local session at NY SES.

Steered Wrong: Drivers Trust GPS Even to a Fault – Jennifer Saranow, Wall Street Journal

What can you say?

Google Maps: Everyone can create a business listing


The new Google Maps feature to allow every user to create a new business listing is now live. The program was hinted at broadly by Carter Maslan, Maps Product Manager last month in an interview and confirmed today by Google. The new Map feature was seen as early as Sunday.

Here is a comprehensive slideshow detailing the process step by step. To view the slideshow click here.

Here are some items of note about the process:

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