Want to Protest SeaWorld? Visit their Knowledge Panel for Details

We have long noted that you rent but don’t own your business profile at Google. As Tim Capper has previously pointed out that is no more true than with the careless scraping of event sites that Google pulls off to add events to local search results. 

You do though, just have to wonder when the likes of SeaWorld might start to give Google an earful about providing details on an animal rights protest on their Business Profile (aka the Knowledge Panel) when users search for SeaWorld events.

Or when the Dallas Petland might have a hiccup about the Dallas Puppylmill protests when you search for Dallas Petland events:

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Want to Protest SeaWorld? Visit their Knowledge Panel for Details by

4 thoughts on “Want to Protest SeaWorld? Visit their Knowledge Panel for Details”

  1. Hahaha! Yeah, Google’s done a poor job at pulling events into the Knowledge Panel. Another example is that for resorts/hotels/conference centers, if there’s a private event being held at the venue and it’s listed on the web (ex. a church or association event), Google’s pulling in that private event info into the venue’s Knowledge Panel.

  2. I remember a similar example from a small town in Germany (I forgot which). There were not many events in that town – especially not many with the right markup. The only website that did have events with markups was operated by a swinger club … you can probably imagine what kinds of events Google showed in the knowledge panel.

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