Google Insights – Queries used to find your business

I just saw this Google My Business Insight feature: Queries used to find your businessSend feedback. Per Google these are “The most popular queries for your business by unique users”

I have been on a trip for the past week and less than observant of Insights so this could have shown up at any point and I wouldn’t have known.

That being said it appears that it is a useful upgrade to Insights. They currently are only showing for 1 month and 1 week but they seem to surface the kind of detail that has been harder and harder to find from Google:

Let me know how long you have been seeing this, if you have been seeing this, whether you find the data useful and how you might use it.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Insights - Queries used to find your business by

30 thoughts on “Google Insights – Queries used to find your business”

  1. Same here; I’ve checked a couple dozen accounts, and didn’t see this.

    Nice find.

    I wonder whether the search terms in your example simply are what you’d see in Analytics minus “(not provided).” It’s interesting that none includes “Buffalo” or a similar place name.

    Once this thing rolls out more broadly, it sure will be interesting to compare it with GA + GSC + AdWords search-terms reports.

    1. I haven’t seen it yet either. Your question is interesting one Phil. It reminds me of one of the ways Google used to report local data to smb’s who had claimed the business, in of the former names before GMB.

      In those days local was sending a list of most looked at or most clicked keywords. They truncated out ALL locational keywords. All of them.

      So they would show Mike’s client as having been seen/or received maps traffic for things like jeweler, jewelry, rings, etc etc etc…but they would NEVER add in the geo terms. NEVER.

      Since others aren’t seeing what Mike has seen this must be in test mode. We’ll find out if they include local geo terms or not in short order once it becomes more prevalent.

      1. Hey Dave,

        They do show geography terms in these reports. I’m seeing city and neighborhood level keywords that contain it.

  2. Mike, are you running an AdWords Express campaign for this business? Maybe that’s why you’re getting this new Insights report.

  3. I as well have not seen this as of date, I hope it will be rolling out soon, as this would be handy for some of our clients!

  4. Not seeing it yet either. Hope it does roll out soon to all. I agree with Phil- it will be interesting to see how it compares to GSC et al!

    Thanks for sharing… good to know and be on the look out for this!

  5. Mike, what particular medication did you take prior to seeing this? 😉
    …not here in Canada either – yet – thanks for the heads up though 🙂

  6. I as well have not seen this as of date, I hope it will be rolling out soon, as this would be handy for some of our clients!

  7. Mike: I looked at the third result; ring

    Wedding ring, engagement ring, diamond ring????

    Come on Google test case. What is the purpose of providing half baked data to SMB’s and their web marketing folks. Should we get on our knees and praise you for dribbling out some highly filtered data when you control all the info and no other entity sees it at all???

    It’s a ridiculous exercise of your monopoly position and exercise of that power. Thanks for the example!!!!

  8. I don’t see it on any accounts I manage yet but I’m very excited to see it. That is a huge step in making GMB more effective and seeing how to optimize the current content even better. There’s always progress to be made and more improvements can be made the more information we have.

  9. Nothing here… something like this seems too good to be true from Google. At least I’m not seeing “not provided” 😉

  10. These insights have been rolled out to all the GMB listings in my account. Very cool info, it confirms that we’re purchasing the correct keywords in our paid channels for local campaigns and it provides insight into how we should optimize local pages on our website.

    Overall good move on Google!

    1. Good for you and your clients. Still don’t see it in the States yet. Are the keyword phrases truncated at all?

  11. @dave – I’m seeing full kw – most look appropriate, although there are the usual odd ones… e.g. for my Internet Marketing GMB page —> “walk path near me”

  12. Okay yes finally seeing this in the US also, but it’s underwhelming. Why do they have options for 1 week & 1 month but that’s different than the monthly/quarterly options for Actions? Oh now I see weekly views for actions too. This must be new. This gives me very little to go on. As a business owner I’m looking for growth/trends over time, eh? Giving me 84 pages of 10 search phrases is a bit of a waste of my valuable time. Can’t they put more than 10 to a page? Well this seems like a nice little addition but it truly provides little actual value, IMO. Perhaps it will improve over time. Wow, I’m sounding so jaded and negative today. Hmmmm

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