Google Posts Testing Video as a Media Type

Phillip Barnhart of Nehmedia just noted on Google+ that Google Posts is testing the use of video as a media type within a Post. The Knowledge Panel for  Moments from the Heart Photography Cedar Park Tx shows the video in an actual post.

I am a big fan of Google Posts as a tool for the SMB to use for branding, story telling, coupons and to create customer engagement and increase critical KPIs. Video is a natural evolution of the product and Moments From the Heart does a great job taking advantage of it in their post.

Interestingly though there is no other call to action or link in the post. I am curious if the use of video as a media type precludes the use of a call to action link or if that was a user choice.

Regardless it looks like an interesting test and if it goes live, an interesting feature.

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6 thoughts on “Google Posts Testing Video as a Media Type”

  1. Interesting indeed. I have a video from my office – me and staff working Friday- that I planned to post on my GMB as a post. Never thought I couldn’t. I guess I’ll see in a few moments if it works. Thanks, Mike!

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for sharing this update for the GMB listing. I went to the referenced photography business you mentioned and it now has a call to action link that says “Learn more.”

    Maybe, the owners saw your post and updated it. 🙂


    1. The video still shows up for me if you search for ‘moments from the heart photography maps.’ Will be interesting to see if this becomes a permanent feature.

  3. Interesting …. I do like this way of encouraging more video, but I do hope that the call to action button it still available.
    Thanks for the update, Mike!

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