Google Local Realtor Search Result – On Steroids

Marci Weiche is a realtor in Buffalo Mn. And a good one whose husband cares about her website and is making sure her digital presence is up to snuff.

I am not sure if this is a test or the new normal for realtors but this search result is really up to snuff.

Note the placement of her website above the knowledge panel and the inclusion of her photo. And the many photos in the organic results. Cripes she even managed to get in that cute family photo.

In addition to photos from her site, photos were grabbed from Zillow, Yelp and

Is this the new norm for realtors and other professionals? Or just a test?

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Google Local Realtor Search Result - On Steroids by

6 thoughts on “Google Local Realtor Search Result – On Steroids”

  1. Now the trick is to get more people to Google your brand name +geo.

    Obviously, word of mouth is huge. So anyone Googling to vet her is getting a great presentation. Maybe Aaron can get a video on the SERP.

  2. @Bill

    The website is still ranked about the KP but alas the many photos are gone…

    Mary Bowling had a great idea for driving brand traffic to the Google brand search; use Posts to add unique coupons and refer callers to the brand search to retrieve them if you didn’t get an appointment.

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