Google Websites’ Uptake Accelerates as they Pass 1.1 Million Total

It’s been six months since the worldwide introduction of Google Websites, their free, single page web builder for Google My Business listings. Google has confirmed that the total number of websites created has surpassed 1 million some time in early November.

The number of sites created is impressive and should give pause to companies that are creating websites, what is even more interesting about that number is that since the last time I checked in mid September, the pace has accelerated from just under 6000 a day to over 7000 a day.

Websites created since introduction vs Projected websites based on first 3 months trend. Click to view larger.

Initially from June through July, Google was adding slightly over 6000 sites a day. I assumed at the time that was due to introduction buzz.

From mid July, when Google had hit 250,000 Websites, until mid September they were still adding 5800 or so a day. While a slightly lower rate, still significant. However since my last check in September over two months ago, Google has been adding 7300 a day.

On a country by country basis India and Indonesia continue to lead the total count with both having more than doubled in slightly under 3 months.  Turkey has pulled into 4th place with a 134% increase bypassing Brazil which seems to have stalled.

15-Jun 15-Sep 5-Dec
Country Total Pages Total Pages Total Pages Increase since 9/15
India 44,600 96,400 196,000 103%
Indonesia 30,400 85,500 196,000 129%
United States 16,200 39,700 86,400 118%
Türkiye (turkey) 9,115 19,900 46,500 134%
Brasil 15,800 37,700 43,100 14%
Italia 6,280 12,500 29,300 134%
日本 (Japan) 6,870 12,800 27,700 116%
France 4,560 10,100 25,000 148%
Россия (Russia) 5,120 11,300 23,400 107%
Deutschland 4,300 9,400 21,600 130%
United Kingdom 3,570 8,250 18,600 125%
Polska (Poland) 3,285 6,740 16,000 137%
Argentina 7,820 13,500 15,500 15%
Canada 2,720 6,490 14,300 120%
Viet Nam 2,880 6,370 13,300 109%
Australia 2,620 5,870 12,200 108%
Espana 5,270 9,810 12,100 23%
Mexico 3,470 8,030 11,000 37%
Malaysia 1,730 4,600 10,300 124%

And while the product was designed to attract small businesses in the developing world, it has continued to gain ground in the developed world as well. Note that the United States, Italy, Japan, Germany, the UK, Poland, Canada and Australia show in the top 20 with most gaining gaining more than 125% since the last count.

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Google Websites' Uptake Accelerates as they Pass 1.1 Million Total by

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  1. Is there a way you can connect your domain name to the free website (rather than using traditional web forwarding?)

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