Google Alerting Business Owners to Recent Questions in the New Search Dashboard on Mobile

Google Q & A has been one of the most problematic recent introductions because the questions can so readily impact the reputation of a business.

And even more problematic because there is not active notification of the business owner that a new question or answer exists and these questions are not yet visible on the desktop although there have been lots of sightings of them on the desktop in the wilds. (To view these on the desktop read this article: Hack: Seeing Google Questions & Answers on the Desktop).

While it is possible to get in front of the Questions with a good plan, a partial solution seems to be at hand with the new Google Dashboard in Search on mobile where there is a very clear indication of the existence of a new question:

When the business owner clicks on “Respond” they are taken to this screen and offered the opportunity to provide and answer. Perfect? By no means but a small step for the SMB for sure.

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Google Alerting Business Owners to Recent Questions in the New Search Dashboard on Mobile by

9 thoughts on “Google Alerting Business Owners to Recent Questions in the New Search Dashboard on Mobile”

  1. At least its a step. But it’s so frustrating to have to constantly check your listing for any alerts from Google. Hopefully, they will add notifications soon!

  2. @Joy
    That’s correct. It shows in the search dashboard for mobile but NOT the search dashboard for the desktop. At least not today

  3. we have had questions asked for our business but we get no notification. Kind of annoying. We had someone ask a very obscene question which looks wrong when it comes up on your phone. It looks as if the business posted them as FAQ’s. Had to call google to get it removed. Their bots or algorithm doesn’t pick it up.

  4. Mike, thanks for this update.

    There *is* a way to get notifications, but it’s not ideal. The business owner would have to be logged into the Google Maps app with their GMB account. I tested it this morning and got a push notification (I have an Android device).

    After I clicked on the notification, it gave me the option to turn them off:

    Not sure if it works on iOS, but I assume it would. Might be worth testing…

  5. Mike Sir, thanks for putting this information. I searched with at
    least 20 – 25 big local brands from India but didn’t see any Q&A things. Is it only coming from US or is it already rolled out across the world?

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