How to Add Your “Under Construction” Business to Google Maps

Google is quite explicit in their guidelines that you can’t verify a listing via Google My Business prior to it opening. Apparently though, there is a new option within Google Maps Android to add a business under construction and indicate the date in the future that it will be open.

Here is the relevant “rule” from the guidelines that clearly prohibits a business from attempting to verify a business before it is open:

Ineligible businesses

The following businesses aren’t eligible for a business listing:

  • Businesses that are under construction or that have not yet opened to the public.

While the Add a Place feature in Google Maps doesn’t offer as much control as the Google My Business dashboard verification, it does offer a way to be sure that your soon to open business is visible on day one. Whether this feature will be rolled out to the desktop, iPhone or the Dashboard is not clear.

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6 thoughts on “How to Add Your “Under Construction” Business to Google Maps”

  1. Mike, do you know how the business shows up online when added with an opening date? Does it add a mention or “Coming Soon” next to the business name? A “Temporary Closed” feature would be great too

  2. Perfecting local Google is…
    This beats the heck out of changing your address to 302 Http Circle.

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