Google My Business Expands Optional URLS for Appointments, Reservations & Ordering Ahead

Joel Headley of PatientPop pointed out on Twitter that Google had added the ability to add a “make an appointment” URL to physician listings and other verticals, It appears that they have expanded these in various verticals and not just physicians as well as adding vertical specific options.

Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, insurance agencies, consulting firm & psychologists as well as construction, computer repair, flooring and plumbing companied have the ability to add the make an appointment URL. I am sure that many other categories do as well. The only listing where I didn’t see an option was a bricks and mortar lawn and garden location.

Restaurants are also now allowed to add both a reservation and an order ahead URL to their listings. 

Update 4/10: Google has published an updated Help page: Local Business URLS. On it they note that there are the following types of URLS available:

  • Booking an appointment
  • Placing an order
  • Reserving a table
  • Searching for items
  • Viewing the menu

They also note that “In some cases, links to certain third-party booking services will appear automatically on business listings. These links cannot be edited in Google My Business“.

I have not seen the searching for items option, if you have I would like to know what the context was. It also isn’t clear to me if the business already has a 3rd party booking service link whether they can add their own book an appointment link and whether they will co-exist or not. Please let me know.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google My Business Expands Optional URLS for Appointments, Reservations & Ordering Ahead by

29 thoughts on “Google My Business Expands Optional URLS for Appointments, Reservations & Ordering Ahead”

  1. This is well coooool! I am in love with this, this makes it so much more easier now for users to be able to navigate round takeaway websites as i know i struggle with some as they don’t like to invest into marketing.

  2. @rich
    No. They are links to your website or preferred appointment service. That being said I am not sure what happens to the local mid that may have existed for salons and gyms for which Google was showing an appointment service.

  3. @Erik
    Some categories did not get the feature. Joel said that clinics didn’t get it and I noticed that my lawn and garden place didn’t.

  4. If google starts making my smb’s appts today…in a few months they will start charging me for it.
    If clients made appts on my website before…google is simply intercepting the site visit, stealing (asking nicely) for this…

    And then they will be between my customers and me.

    Ask hotels about this!! 😀

  5. Did anyone get any clarity on whether if there is a 3rd party service Google is working with does the new field show up? Thinking about restaurants in particular.

    1. @Ryan not sure yet. In other professional areas (per Joel Headley) if there’s a booking widget already installed on the knowledge panel, it suppresses the GMB link. However, the link will appear on (desktop) Maps. He provided this example:

      I am not sure what actually happens with restaurants. But if someone knows I would love to hear.

    1. @rasmus
      No word on release date yet. It doesn’t appear that you can add it through the spreadsheet currently, however you can select multiple listings in your account through list view, add the URL and then hit ‘apply to all xx locations’

    2. I see them now as the following column headers (I’m only doing healthcare listings):

      Place page URLs: Appointment URL (url_appointment)
      Place page URLs: Menu URL (url_menu)

  6. Hi Mike. Thanks for this article. I own three restaurants. On the order ahead URL, I convinced the third party provider to drop their URL. On two sites, I was able to put my own on-line ordering URL in, but on the third restaurant it is now blank and after a month of emailing with Google support they seem unmotivated to remove the restriction (despite it being blank). Any suggestions on how can make this edit without Google or get Google to change the flag in their system to permit editing this field? Thanks

  7. @Mike
    Good one, Really helpful.
    I have a query to setup an feature.

    We have an online food ordering website, which service through out Australia. listed with around 2000 restaurants.

    Kindly, could you please let me know the possible ways to add an ORDER ONLINE & RESERVATION BUTTON like third party website’s one each restaurant GBM page without doing any verification process.
    Do the need full waiting for your responses.

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