Google Websites Passes 250,000 Sites Created

It has been just over a month since Google My Business rolled out Google Websites worldwide. It appears that as of a few minutes ago, Google has passed a quarter of million sites built using the tool. That is roughly 40,000 sites per week, an average of 5681 per day since introduction.

In the first two weeks, Google added 100,000 sites. Google has essentially maintained that growth rate for the past two weeks, adding 104,000 sites since June 27th. This is only counting sites that didn’t buy their own domain. I am not sure that there many of those but there are likely a few.

Every few days since just prior to introduction I have been doing a search at Google to get a sense of the ramp up. While admittedly an imprecise measure, it provides some idea of the rate and volume of sites created.

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India has the most sites clocking in at a total of 44,600. Indonesia has ~30,400. The United States and Brazil check in at 16,200 and 15,800 respectively. This speaks to Google’s stated goal of attacking the (very) small business market in the developing world.

Here is a rough breakdown by country where the Websites were created (note that if there is a __ in the result it means that I did the country search in the native language) :

Country Total
India 44,600
Indonesia 30,400
Brasil 15,800
Argentina 7,820
Italia 6,280
Espana (Spain) 5,270
France 4,560
Deutschland 4,300
Mexico 3,470
Canada 2,720
Australia 2,620
Malaysia 1,730


Philippines 926
Chile 527
Bangladesh 471
Nigeria 366
(Egypt)___ 221
Norge 206
Kenya 191
Venezuela 160
myanmar 144
Peru 127
Cambodia 120
Columbia 118
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15 thoughts on “Google Websites Passes 250,000 Sites Created”

  1. Wonder when they will add eCommerce to the website creator. To me this seems a little messed up. The search engine that offers website. Do they or will they have an unfair advantage? It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    1. @Kathy
      I think it more likely that they will add some of the transactional and content tools they have developed (scheduling, messaging, posts) long before they add ecommerce. It is a locally focused product

      1. That sounds about right to me Mike. They have much more tools to add before they will attempt e-commerce. I am actually surprised the number of sites is not closer to 1 million by now.

  2. They have the potential to compete with WordPress, Weebly, Wix free sites, they just need to tighten things up. There are awesome parts of the site creator but is missing some features, such as scheduling like you mentioned above.

    I think they could do better promotion for creating a Google Site internally and/or encourage businesses on Google to create a free site. Could there be an incentive there?

    1. @Hayden
      There is a lot of potential in Websites that is not in the product. The company that they purchased Appetas, had a great deal of that functionality and more, including booking etc.

      As to promotions my sense is that they are promoting it more heavily in India and Indonesia. Currently, given the state of the market there and the state of the product it is a better fit. If my theory is correct than that is why you see so many more sites being built there.

  3. hi,

    this is very beautiful part for us . i am from India more than 40k website pass from google this very big amount for us to pass sites .

    thanks for this .

    mansi desai

  4. There are huge number of websites that Google has passed but I am afraid of one thing that Pakistan Was not on the list. As Pakistan Is One Of the Fastest Countries which are growing In IT.
    But Yet there is much more to do now .

    1. Pakistan might be missing in action or maybe I wasn’t searching on the correct phrase but you are correct, I couldn’t find any significant number of sites.

  5. I set a for SEO Bandwagon this weekend to check it out. It’s pretty simple if you have a listing and you are already there to verify your business, but I think it’s more to sell GSuite and Google Sites more than compete with Wix.

    I think it only allows one page, so it’s not really in competition with Wix or Weebly or WordPress, although I’m sure that plenty of businesses will just go with the Google Listing or just a Facebook. Best feature is how it adds Analytics and integrates with other Google services.

    I think Posts is a cooler feature than the site, but it’s nice to have another cheap option for clients.

    1. @Eichanan
      There is a big box at the end of the process that asks if that is what you want… you have to deselect it. It was noted in my original review of the product.

  6. The be all and end all question. Do you think they will have any additional SEO value and be favoured to show in organic and or local search results over websites that use competitor platforms?

    Another question, do you think they will phase out blogger?

    1. Just answered my own question. The answer is no.

      If you search for the phrase ‘James Potenza
      Real Estate Agents in Pearland’ the version is ranked lowly in 66th position.

    2. @Gavelect
      You have found, its just one more page on the web (which is why its at I presume) so it starts out in this world with no rank and like every website needs to get the things in place that will help it rank..

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