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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Mike B Around the Local Web

Summer has finally arrived to Western NY. And for me a burst of energy and new articles.

Here are some of the articles I wrote (or in the case of LocalU or StreetFight co-wrote) around the web:

Making Sense of Posts in Google’s SMB Product Portfolio – With David Mihmn at Streetfight. I have been following the development of posts since it first showed up for a local merchant early last year. I am bullish (or at least as bullish as any rational person can be with a new Google product) while David Mihm is more skeptical of its longevity. Read our thoughts.

How Willing Are Consumers to Leave Reviews? – Consumers attitudes towards writing reviews, at least in the US, are changing. I have been surveying their attitudes as to their willingness to actual read reviews instead of just write them and this piece looks at the almost linear decrease in “never write reviews” and the simultaneous increase amongst those that do.

Video Deep Dive: Consumer willingness to leave review– With Mary Bowling at LocalU. We discuss these changes and compare them to attitudes around the world. Available as a video, transcript and also now available as a podcast.

Video: Last Week in Local June 19, 2017 – With Mary Bowling. It was a busy week in local. We look at the implications of the Whole Foods buyout, the outcomes of using link building services and ways to more easily implement AMP on a wordpress site. Available as a post and podcast.  Or if you want the links delivered to your inbox, via email subscription.  Give us 15 minutes and we will give you the world of local.