How Willing Are Consumers to Write Reviews?

Consumers have long been fans of reading reviews but have been reticent to actually write reviews. It seems from my longitudinal surveys that that attitude is steadily changing.

I was surprised to see the near linear increase in self reported review write AND to learn that those over 65 are just behind 25-35 year olds as the most active reviewers.

Head over to  the GetFiveStars Blog, and read the recently published research that detail these changes over time.

  How Willing Are Consumers to Leave Reviews?

I also discussed this research at length at the LocalU blog:

Video Deep Dive: Consumer willingness to leave reviews

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How Willing Are Consumers to Write Reviews? by

4 thoughts on “How Willing Are Consumers to Write Reviews?”

  1. Really i think the problem comes down to the fact that people are busy/lazy, or theres not enough incentive for them. Unless they have had a bad experience. So I do everything I can to make it easy and less time consuming for them. Such as use a direct link or put instructions on a printout,

  2. @Oliver
    I think making it easy certainly helps but I think the real secret is “exceeding their expectations” to such a degree that when you do ask they feel like it was such a small price to pay that they are grateful for the opportunity to “pay you back”.

  3. I like to ask for reviews up front. which makes it even easier.

    “When you sign with us, we hope to give you a great experience and we hope you will share that with other people you know. With that being said, when we complete your work, please can you give us a review on Google, like all these people have done? That would really help us spread the word. Thank you so much.”

    Then when the person agrees, they have already committed to giving a review – this should make it easier.

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