One Approach to Appointments Only Scheduling

Joy Hawkins pointed out this obvious attempt at communicating via the Google listing when you are just getting too much walk in traffic and Google offers no real solution to run their business the way that they want.

Although their messaging is such that it isn’t at all clear just when they do want your business. Good luck with that.

One, Google should offer an appointment only hours option and two, there really should be something in place that prevents a business from so mucking with the results. Although this makes it perfectly clear that the business isn’t totally clear on Google’s concept of a business listing. I.E. open and someplace a customer can drive to when the business says that they are open and that you can drive to it.

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One thought on “One Approach to Appointments Only Scheduling”

  1. I was just fixing my local plumber’s Google My Business page today and he mentioned they are open for “appointments only” on Saturdays. Unfortunately, there is no way to add that. It would be great if Google had an option to select start/end times OR “By Appointment Only” for any given week day.

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