Moderation of Business Listing Changes Now Available to Level 5 Local Guides

One feature in MapMaker that has been useful is the ability to edit business listings that you didn’t control. This could be used to note name or hour changes for listings that you didn’t have direct control over but for one reason or another needed to change. With the imminent closing of MapMaker how to get those edits of business listings approved was a question mark. Google is starting to address this eventuality by giving Level 5 Guides the ability to approve these edits via Google Maps on the desktop. Apparently this feature which has been available on Android will also soon be available to iOS users and allow for advanced road editing as well.

From the post:

Today we begin the process of expanding this feature by rolling out the ability to “Verify The Facts” on desktop Maps for all Level 5 Local Guides.

Try out moderation on desktop: 

  1. Navigate to on a desktop device (make sure you’re logged into your Local Guides account).
  2. Open the = menu on the side, and click “Your Contributions” 
  3. Click the “Check the facts” banner under your profile to see a list of places with pending edits awaiting your local expertise. 
  4. Choose an edit you would like to moderate and select “Yes,” “No,” or “Not Sure.” You can also click the place’s title a second time to see the information Google has about the place, or click “Search This Place On Google” to find web results.

Over the next few weeks you can look forward to Missions for iOS, the ability to report issues on multiple road segments at once, and the option to report locations on the map that are missing roads.

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12 thoughts on “Moderation of Business Listing Changes Now Available to Level 5 Local Guides”

  1. This is cool. Maybe the Map Maker shutdown won’t be so bad after all. If they keep rolling out these kinds of features into Maps, it will be nice to have all editing features in one place.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand it is nice that people can still make edits. On the other, Level 5 is very difficult to get to. That can be good and bad. Good, in that only the most active Local Guides can do it. Bad, in that many of the Local Guides I see, use spammy tactics in order to game the Local Guide system.

  3. @Brian
    What I did was find a part of the program I enjoyed and worked at that… in my case it was photography and map edits… I walked down several city streets and quickly built up my Local Guide Status by taking a decent store front photo of every business.

    Google needs some way to start this process and they did so with folks that they have some trust in. I am sure like attributes it will be rolled out more widely once they understand that characteristics of trust worthy participants. I think they are trying to avoid the MapMaker fiascos.

    1. Mike, could/should I add my business logo or a watermark to the images that I upload of storefronts? Or would that be trying to take two bites of the cherry?

  4. Google’s rules allow for up to 10% of the image in the lower quadrant to be used for a logo. I see nothing wrong with it if you think it will help with consumers.

    1. Thanks Mike, Just to clarify. Since it is MY photo I was thinking of putting MY business logo on there rather than the logo of the shop owner…?

  5. @Jo
    Quick tip to get those 40 points… walk down a busy commercial thorough fare with your cell phone and shoot photos (1 each) of a bunch of store fronts and upload them… you will be there in no time.

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