Google Lowers Local Pack Review Star Threshold to 3

At GetFiveStars blog I just published Google Lowers Local Pack Review Star Threshold to 3.

In the first change since the summer of 2013 when Google stopped using the Zagat review system, Google is now showing review stars on businesses with as few as three reviews.

Great if those three are good but even one bad one can look very bad.

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Google Lowers Local Pack Review Star Threshold to 3 by

11 thoughts on “Google Lowers Local Pack Review Star Threshold to 3”

  1. Incredible, almost too easy. Really surprised to see Google make this change, but at the same time I see so many listings with zero reviews, maybe this update will give business owners more incentive to garner new reviews.

  2. I believe it is Google thinking about the folks and their experience. The Google search engine is and has been all about the folks having the best results when they use Google search to find something. In this instance, the folks not seeing a star rating is confusing, I think it is that simple. It has little to do with the local businesses. However that being said a local business with 3 reviews showing a 5 star rating verses a local business with 35 reviews showing a 4.5 star rating to the folks would cause a decision to have to be made in the folks mind. Who do I call? Who do I trust? Who is better? Who is more reliable? Now for the little to do with local business owners looking at it, this example would cause them to think about which business shows more authority, a stronger online presence for marketing purposes to would be patrons. Naturally a business owner with 3 reviews would say I need more reviews.

  3. Lowers the bar on something that was once meaningful – now everyone gets a trophy or …should we say stars

  4. This could be the start of Google shifting towards a paid local search model. Leveling the playing field so that people are more incentivesed to pay, would be interested in what you think.

  5. Agree with Eric. Was shocked to find out while checking GMBs for one of my clients – some of there branches only have one review and the star rating show, based on that one review – for some branches it’s good, for others it isn’t. One branch received a really bad fake review. Given this is the only review they have so far, this may now cost them lots of leads (until we get more reviews to balance it out).

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