Google Testing New Local Knowledge Panel Call to Action

Thibault Adda, the Internet Marketing Coordinator at Roar! Internet Marketing in Altamont Springs, FL, shared an interesting search result with me.

Google is apparently testing a new, direct to the Knowledge Panel call to action from local business owners. It is similar to, but different than the Google Posts (aka Podium, aka the product that shall not be named) that allows businesses to post directly to their branded search results. This KP Posting product posts directly the Knowledge Panel directly above Reviews from the web.

The test is currently visible on this search for Theme Park Connection in Orlando.

The current iteration seems only half baked as a click on the call to action to learn more takes the user to driving directions. Unlike Google Posts, this product seems to be more commercial in nature and includes discounts, pricing and a call to action. Those behaviors were explicitly prohibited in the Google Posts tests.

Update: I did confirm from Google that this is a follow test for the Google Posts platform with different positioning and a more liberal approach to commercial messaging.

Click to view in the context of the branded search results

It is not clear how wide spread the test is, whether its available beyond local businesses or within other types of Knowledge Panels. It is also not clear whether it is intended to be free and an ad unit.

If you have seen others of these let me know.

Your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Google Testing New Local Knowledge Panel Call to Action”

  1. @Dave
    This is a very small test at this point. We don’t know how big. I assume Google reached out to a few businesses to participate.

    If it expands they will invite via the GMB or one on one outreach depending on how much it expands.

    1. I’m assuming it’s limited to the US at the moment since haven’t seen any signs of it appearing in GMB company profiles as yet in the UK?
      I keep a very keen eye on this and was wondering do you know the lag between a successful roll out of such a feature in the US and it’s deployment into other markets like the UK?

      1. @Guy
        These days when something actually rolls out to production it seems to roll out worldwide.

        These tests are much more limited and focused on certain market segments. The last test that was similar to this was only available in India, Brazil and the US. A different test was available in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia.

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