Google Starting to Support Temporary Business Closings

Apparently, Google is now partially supporting temporary business closures with a process and an appropriate messaging on the business Knowledge Panel.

Currently there is no public facing interface for this and the only way to get this done is to create a post in the Google My Business Forum with full business details and then get a top contributor to escalate the problem.

It requires that the business be closed for  more than 2 weeks and that their website clearly supports the closure.  Note that the change is only currently visible in the Knowledge Panel but that in Maps the business will still be shown as permanently closed.  Here is a location showing that status:

Click to view the listing in the context of a desktop search
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Google Starting to Support Temporary Business Closings by

4 thoughts on “Google Starting to Support Temporary Business Closings”

  1. This is something we’ve done for properties for at least a year now but always through a support request with Google. Hopefully that’s a feature on the GMB API roadmap.

    It’s a good feature to have when a location is undergoing renovations.

  2. Thumbs up on this one. Would also like to see Google adopt messaging for ‘by appointment only’ businesses, which are specifically cited as allowable by the guidelines. I recently had to remove hours for a client who went from 9-5 to by appointment only, and the only way to remove the hours from the dashboard was to get help from a Google rep.

    Good catch, Mike!

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