Can a 5 Star Review Profile Backfire?

At GetFiveStars I just penned a post:   Can 5-Star Reviews Backfire?       And based on research published in the Harvard Business review I think it very likely that having a review profile that is “too perfect” can be bad for business.

Let me know what you think.

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Can a 5 Star Review Profile Backfire? by

3 thoughts on “Can a 5 Star Review Profile Backfire?”

  1. I think it depends on just how many 5 star reviews there are, proportionally to the business. I have to say that when there are hundreds it seems illegitimate to me. I guess the trick is to try to funnel them into multiple review sites if that is the case, rather than having a massive bulk in one place.

  2. For sure. But the article wasn’t discussing the trust worthiness of the 5 star reviews as a pre purchse social proof…. it was discussing the fact that over promising and under delivering is the best way to disappoint customers.

    If a business has cooked the books and they really are not a 5 Star establishment they will be generating more problems for themselves than if they had an honest review profile. Even if searchers trust their review profile and even if they get the sale, they are laying the ground work for dissatisfied customers.

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