Safari iOS Adds Click to Call to Direct Search Answer

I have no idea when this was added but when you are searching via Safari, it is now showing a direct Yelp or TripAdvisor answer with a click to call option immediately available.

It is not clear who is providing the click to call services. My money is on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Does anyone know?

It also isn’t clear why or when this result is shown rather than an Apple Maps result which are still frequently seen on similar searches.

Talk about disintermediating a Google search. Here are some screenshots:

A Yelp result. Click to view larger
A TripAdvisor result with click to call. Click to view larger


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Safari iOS Adds Click to Call to Direct Search Answer by

6 thoughts on “Safari iOS Adds Click to Call to Direct Search Answer”

  1. Hey Mike, that seems to be Yelp that’s giving the information. The links you show are Yelp links, and Apple Maps takes its business data from Yelp. In my experience so far, this feature’s only come up when I type a company name. I’ve only begun seeing it this week though.

    But the way Safari has been progressing, it’s only a matter of time until they make it apply to non-specific searches. I already see an Apple Maps preview of only a single company when I search “service+city.” I also think the fact that they use Yelp goes to show how important getting reviews there is.

  2. This is interesting and even better than Ranking in the #0 spot. A few days ago as I was typing a query into Google and among the suggestions was the answer I was looking for. My query was simple “What is the elevation of Bend, Oregon” but It’s not a stretch to see a future where the most popular local businesses could be “$uggested” as well.

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