Google My Business Rolling Out Attributes to Single Listings

screenshot-2016-12-02-12-06-45In May Google added the ability to add yes/no attributes via API in May and allowed API users to add non binary attributes like menu links in September. Joy Hawkins has reported that the GMB now has the ability to add attributes to single listings.

It is interesting that:

  • Attributes are not available to all business types (lawyers and doctors do yet show them, while restaurant and bricks and mortar do). It is unclear if or when they might be added.
  • So far it only allows for binary attributes; ie yes or no but doesn’t allow for things like menu links which are allowed via the API. One presumes that is coming.
  • Each business type has a very limited preselected set of attributes from which to choose that sometimes is not really expansive enough. For example restaurants are not asked if they provide free wifi. The choices are even less than those presented to Local Guides who have been seeding this data for quite some time.

Here are screen shots of some of the attributes available:

Bricks and Mortar Retail Attributes

screenshot-2016-12-02-12-12-09Restaurant Attributes



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Google My Business Rolling Out Attributes to Single Listings by

5 thoughts on “Google My Business Rolling Out Attributes to Single Listings”

  1. Thanks for the info, Mike. Is it only restaurants and brick and mortars in the US that get this now or is it more widespread? I haven’t noticed it in the construction/renovation GMB sites I’ve been working on this weekend.

  2. Available now for our Supermarket business locations, I agree attributes are limited but still helpful. Using the “search” attributes comes up with nothing for our obvious categories/subcategories of in store services and departments (ie, bakery, catering, pharmacy, etc). Any idea if a list of attributes will be made available in the future? As always, thank you for your valuable insight Mr. Blumenthal.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Seeing the following for a car dealership under offerings:
    “Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles”
    “New Goods”
    “New Vehicles”
    “Used Goods”

  4. Hello, Can I add wheelchair access to a car dealership? I cannot find where ‘Amenities’ is located in the GMB platform.

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