Google Local Spam Hall of Shame

If its good enough to do, its good enough to do in excess.

Particularly with a name that gets verified in the GMB. The only questions I have remaining are his age, his wife’s name and how many children he has.

Maybe Google should do away with categories and attributes and just allow businesses to put everything including the kitchen sink (and emoji’s of course) in their name field.

Max Minzer though asked on Twiter: why just 3 stars? My theory is that he hit the field character limit and it was removing two stars or removing some other more critical piece of information.

Via Joy Hawkins. Listing here.


PS the beginning and ending characters are Unicode Emojis which can easily be inserted for dramatic affect even without the excessive detail

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7 thoughts on “Google Local Spam Hall of Shame”

  1. This is funny. Business Name spam is alive & well these days. Wouldn’t it be fairly easy for Google to put some limitations on this field? Yelp does it. Even Yahoo did it long ago when they were relevant.

  2. For every opportunity, there’s someone waiting to exploit it without any sanity check.
    It’s not surprising that GMB has been tightening up the latitude in what can be entered!

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