Videos from the Web Showing in the Knowledge Panel

Sergey Alakov (a Toronto SEO that spends way too much time looking at local search results 🙂 ) spotted a mobile search result where videos from around the web are showing as integral part of the Local Knowledge Panel.

The videos are presented in a carousel format that allows the user to scroll to see 9 videos. And while in theory they are “videos from the web” in classic Google “keep em in the sandbox” fashion they are in fact videos from Youtube.  Humberview VW, where you can see the videos in their mobile Knowledge Panel, does have a YouTube Channel associated with their Local Google+ Page.

Obviously if this is more than just a test, it’s one more reason that a solid YouTube channel for your Local page makes all kinds of sense.


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Videos from the Web Showing in the Knowledge Panel by

13 thoughts on “Videos from the Web Showing in the Knowledge Panel”

  1. Makes sense actually that the vids are from their YouTube channel. G sees the connected YT channel to a G+ page as a quality signal and of course as a trusted source.

  2. looks like this is still testing – it’s only pulling on a VERY small number of dealers (we’re testing ones who have YT linked to GMB), and it’s only pulling on certain queries (adding city/state abbreviation is causing it to show or not show in some queries)

    definitely keeping an eye on this to see what happens…

    1. @Greg @Mike In your tests did you see whether it’s only showing only for dealers who use their name in video titles?

      In the case of Humberview VW the video block is displayed for “humberviewvw” (for me) and “Humberview VW” (for Mike), but not “Humberview Volkswagen”, and as you can see they use “Humberview VW” in the videos.

  3. @Ben
    Yes it does make sense and it finally gives a connected channel better exposure

    Thanks for the update… I assumed it was a test but its hard to tell these days as even features come and go pretty quickly. 🙂

        1. @Mike you are not too far from the truth:)

          I spend 15 minutes a day specifically looking for tests/changes. It’s part of my daily routine now.
          As turned out, you can run a lot of queries in 15 minutes:)

    1. It has been spotted on video games. As I noted above it appears that brands might have a different treatment depending on the industry. If as Sergey and I speculate, it could be predicated on a match between the brand search and the titles of the videos. But so far no one has seen outside of auto…

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