Google Adds Sharing Link to Local Knowledge Panel

I have not seen this before. Not sure if a test or a release. Google is getting downright social in their old age.

And in typical Googly fashion THEY decide which sharing I should be able to use rather than relying on the iPhone OS level options. Oops just seemed to have forgotten SMS/iMessage. Big surprise there.

It seems that Google just can’t resist falling into this sort of passive aggressive monopolist mode. It must be what is best for the user.


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Google Adds Sharing Link to Local Knowledge Panel by

12 thoughts on “Google Adds Sharing Link to Local Knowledge Panel”

  1. That is a surprise for us local marketers. By the way Mike, contact me please on Google plus when you get the chance. I have a pressing issue to get resolved regarding the suspension of my business listing page. Thank you!

  2. Great find! I checked a few local listings and the share action is present. Also, on Android tapping the share button brings up the OS level sharing options…if that means anything to you 🙂

  3. Hi Mike,
    Could you explain to me what is the new thing here? The sharing feature was already there for a long time. Is it just the sites where you can share your business card / knowledge panel to?


  4. I’m seeing it in Edmonton, Canada. However, I must be more old-school than Google – I have no idea why I’d ever share the info. But, that could be my anti-social media stance (for personal use at least – we all know we need it for business!)

  5. I did not even notice that. A friend of mine told me that you want to do Google everything. That Google+ is more important than every other social media. But if you take notice if Google is taking time and sharing on other social medias, you should too.

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