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Andrew of Andrews Lock & Key deserves more than a link and a citation and a little bit of publicity for his efforts but that is all that I have to offer since I don’t live in Mesa, AZ.

Locksmith spam has long been an issue in Google Maps and has been the baine of consumers and real locksmiths alike. I used to write about it a lot as it was really the first case of widespread abuse at Google and gave an inkling of the deep hole they were in. And to some extent still are. In the end though I stopped writing about it as it was very difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys from my seat in Olean.

Take a look at this video (H/T to Chris Silver Smith for sending it along), share it to your network and if you are in Mesa in need of locksmithing give Andrews Lock and Key a call:
Andrews Lock & Key

Andrew is a good guy… obviously a dedicated locksmith and a very good marketer and willing to go out on a limb for his love of his industry. Running a local small business is effing hard. I know from my 30 years of running them. I can only guess at the incredible pressures placed on a business by the wild west of the Locksmith world when added to all of the other existing stresses. He would have to really love it.

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  1. Before looking at the video i was half convinced that the locksmith hacked into your website and wrote the article himself, complete with the link back. But yeah, I worked on SEO at a locksmith for almost 2 years, the word spam is far too generous

  2. Hah… while its not impossible for them to do that… I just so loved what this guy did from a marketing and personal POV I just wanted to give him some kudos… surviving in the snake pit of the world of locksmiths takes moxei and this guy has it.

  3. The locksmith world was shaken up early this month with possum, but not all was good about it. I have two legitimate locksmith clients in my market area with different specialties. Both had their Google + pages suspended and while one is currently back up, he has been up and then resuspended 4 times in the past 3 weeks. The other is in worse situation, as Google will not even talk to us by phone, and only sends the same boiler plate emails to inquiries.

    Both of my clients have been in business for more than 2 decades and are in good standing, but in Google effort to rid us of scammers has swept up legitimate locksmiths as well, and seem incapable of responding in a constructive manner to repeated efforts to contact them and get direction.

  4. Hey Mike,

    This is so awesome. Thanks for posting it. I will do the same as I agree this guy needs publicity. I hope the blonde guy comes to his senses and quits!

    @Earl – just wanted to chime in and clarify that suspensions have nothing to do with Possum. Possum definitely filtered lots of businesses, but these listings are not suspended. It’s kind of like comparing a manual penalty to Penguin. They are totally different things. Google has been suspending a ton of locksmith listings but if your client has a public business license online with an address that matches GMB you should be able to get him reinstated. I wrote more clarifying the difference here:

  5. Hey Mike Thank you I’m Andrew from Andrews lock and key this video was never really intended to get as big as it did I kind of just did it to put it out there and I see you guys realize how much of a problem it is in the industry it really sucks for legitimate companies that keep having this problem that get pulled down off their Google Plus pages it wasn’t necessarily a marketing scheme at all it kind of turned into that I started my YouTube channel to help people the DIY guy and kind of bring it out there about the locksmith scams. Just so happened that I got a call from a guy who had it scammer at his car I never thought it was going to get this big. but thank you guys for posting this.

    1. Hi Andrew. How can I be sure that you are the real deal and not some locksmith scammer just pretending to be Andrew Mcolley? 🙂

      Regardless of your original goals nicely played and my hat is off to you.

  6. This is pretty fascinating. I would disagree on one point. It isn’t the young fellow you have to correct … it’s the business owner. Obviously, yes, important to clue the young worker in on the fact that the business model he’s working for is clearly a scam.

    He looks pretty young, and may not have enough work experience to have realized something was odd about the billing practices. I think a better approach here would be to interview the boss and, then, as this is one locksmith company calling out another, to hire the young man over to the legitimate company and give him a decent job. It’s terrible to see business owners use employees to carry out schemes, especially if the employees are young, and possibly unaware of why there’s a problem.

  7. Thanks Mike for the video.I must say one thing frshers are always welcome.They do such mistakes.It’s better to call his boss and ask him about the offer.As you know being in locksmith Industry it’s really tough to survive with competitors.Locksmith scam is increasing day by day and if we do not take any step on this issue locksmith industry will be penalized for its bad reputation.

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