Google Testing Horizontal Local One Box + Card Format for Serps

There have been an increasing number of reports (H/T Michael Wallace) of a horizontal Local One Box showing at the top of the search results as opposed to the side. There have been sporadic reports of the search results being shown as cards.

Rasmus Himmelstrup, an SEO Analyst at Resolution Media, sent along an example of a test from Denmark that includes the horizontal Local Box PLUS the search results displaying as cards.

Obviously this type of desktop display pushes organic results further down the page and can occasionally show for key word searches.

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Google Testing Horizontal Local One Box + Card Format for Serps by

7 thoughts on “Google Testing Horizontal Local One Box + Card Format for Serps”

  1. What is unusual about this is the cards plus the One Box… I had seen the Horizontal one box for quite some time but not merged with Cards. The other point is that the Horizontal results are being seen more frequently..

  2. Yeah, I have been seeing the cards on and off – but, as you say, not coinciding with the horizontal one-box. They must be getting closer to a rollout.

  3. Interesting development. I’ve seen these cards being displayed for companies which have exact match domain names, so Google assumes that the searcher is looking for that specific company and not doing a general search.

  4. Very interesting. Haven’t seen a 1 local box yet. Presumably this is the local map box + knowledge graph rolled into one?

    Just wonder whether a local map box will appear further down on the page when you get this, as I am seeing more and more map boxes at the footer of the results page.

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