Google Testing New Mobile Local Knowledge Panel

Sergey Alakov, a Toronto SEO, reported on Twitter seeing this Google test of a slimmed down local mobile Knowledge Panel on a branded search. The mobile search was Humberview Motorsports Mississauga:

Screenshot 2016-04-25 16.09.51

Here is what is currently seen for that search:

Screenshot 2016-04-25 16.10.06

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Google Testing New Mobile Local Knowledge Panel by

5 thoughts on “Google Testing New Mobile Local Knowledge Panel”

  1. Mike,

    do you know if Google makes these changes for North America together as a whole or do they have independent releases for each country?


  2. @Da

    Typically, a test will roll out to a very small population that may be national or it may international depending on the product and the target market.

    This case, given that we have not heard, additional reports, is likely a very localized test.

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