Google Bulk Allows Photo Uploads …. Finally

AllLocal is reporting that Google GMBL (bulk) has finally added support for businesses to add specific photos to their listings. The feature allows photos to be uploaded to for the following fields Profile photo, Logo photo, Cover photo, Other photos.

More importantly Google now allows the business to identify which of the specifically uploaded photos is their “Preferred photo”.  Now we can only hope that Google respects that preference. Although I am skeptical.

The photos can be uploaded via the bulk sheet and then individually edited within list view.

Screenshot 2016-03-02 10.53.43
New fields in the Spreadsheet
Screenshot 2016-03-02 10.59.35
via the dashboard list view
Screenshot 2016-03-02 10.59.43
edit individual listings
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Google Bulk Allows Photo Uploads .... Finally by

5 thoughts on “Google Bulk Allows Photo Uploads …. Finally”

  1. Thanks for posting, Mike! To clarify, bulk users could always upload photos to their listings, but this feature release is a welcome upgrade! The bulk dash has always been slower to receive new features than the small biz dash.

  2. Hi Mike,

    you write that “[t]he photos can be uploaded via the bulk sheet”. But technically you first need to upload a picture somewhere on the web (e.g. the company’s website, Google My Business manual photo upload, Google photos, etc.) and then its url could be added to the bulk feed.

    Am I correct or missing something here?


  3. I have seen that even sometimes if you have a preferred photo chosen, Google will show one of the additional photos in the knowledge panel. Google support says “Although your first photo preference is taken into account, there’s no guarantee that your preferred photo will be the first photo on Google.” Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    1. As in all things Google, your choice of profile photo can be over ridden by an algo… if it is a logo it will definitely be over written.

      Depending on the type of business you might want either a front streetview shot (hotel) or a close up product/food shot (jeweler/restaurant) to increase the odds of the one you chose showing.

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