Click to Call Phone Numbers in Mobile Organic Results

Ryan Schilling of Lead Hub, noted (h/t Barry Schwartz) on Twitter having spotted click to call phone numbers in mobile organic results.

The snippets are appearing in both organic and YouTube universal results on the iPhone. To see these results you need to click through to page 2 of the search results on mobile only (let me know if you see them on Android).

Given that they are buried on page 2 it is very likely that they are a test. That being said, it is a test that if successful could lead to further reduction in pack results.

24 hr ac repair Corpus Christ (mobile only)


Jewelry buffalo (mobile only)


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4 thoughts on “Click to Call Phone Numbers in Mobile Organic Results”

  1. I have seen them on Android for the last couple days. Like you pointed out they are not showing up on page 1 but page two and beyond. I also saw a couple on pages 3 and 4.

  2. From our experience on adwords click to call clicks have very low ctr’s. Anyone else with experience???

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