Local U Deep Dive in Local – The Role of Links in Local SEO

Our Local U Advanced is rapidly approaching. We still have seats left if you are a last minute type. To sign up visit our Eventbrite page. With David Mihm, Mary Bowling, myself as well as Andrew Shotland, Google, Joy Hawkins and the rest of the Local U gang it promises to be a great event.

As a lame alternative you can watch Mike Ramsey and myself discuss the role of links and link building in  local search optimization  our Deep Dive video series:

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Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Local U Deep Dive in Local - The Role of Links in Local SEO by

4 thoughts on “Local U Deep Dive in Local – The Role of Links in Local SEO”

  1. Thanks for the comments, Mikes:

    One additional comment on links…and links that might apply to additional pages that don’t easily flow back to the “location page” for the 3 pac; the long tail.

    Before google decided that only it can see organic traffic phrases…(and thereby have complete control of search knowledge)….we saw more traffic and more conversions from the long tail…which provided results that often didn’t show on a map or pac result. Because a number of our smb sites run adwords with broad phrase…we still see a lot of long tail phrases. Aggregate conversions from the long tail…that don’t necessarily turn up a pac/maps….is still approximately equal to the adwords conversions that would have shown on maps.

    The long tail works. Its one of the essential lessons of straight seo. It’s visibility can multiply, double, triple, and quadruple traffic.

    Because its the long tail, sometimes it can show without links….but other times there is a lot of competition for the phrases….because…while they are long tailish…..they are reasonably high volume.

    It remains valuable to get links that tie into the various pages and long tail. From our experiences with a number of very different types of smb types….there are rich veins to strike from the long tail.

    Any responses to this?

    thanks in advance.


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