Google MyBusiness Now Surfacing Web Verify Option

If a local business had a website verified in the Google Search Console  prior to verifying in Local, Google would on occasion auto verify the local listing without the need for a post card or phone call.

Previously this would just happen with no forward facing interface and would often be a surprise to the claimant.

Now, according to this screen shot captured by Avinash Murthy (@avinash4dvg) it appears that there is now a viable interface choice to allow for instant verification when it is available.  

This option has not been readily available to most businesses and even those with a common log-in and a verified Search Console site were not always offered the option. Here’s hoping that this new interface upgrade means that Google will be extending the program more broadly.

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Google MyBusiness Now Surfacing Web Verify Option by

18 thoughts on “Google MyBusiness Now Surfacing Web Verify Option”

  1. @ehg
    Yes it is just for businesses that 1)has the same log in for Google Search Console and the GMB, has verified their site on Search Console and for whom Google trusts the business data. A very limited set of owners

    Yes Linda it is the same, its just that now the interface is surfacing as part of the verification process

    I did this post totally on my iPhone in the WordPress app while sitting in a waiting room… The app is obviously still a bit buggy… thanks for pointing out.

  2. I just successfully verified a blueberry farm that I couldn’t verify before due to the location. While I have the website verified under my account, I didn’t see the same UI that’s in your screenshot. It just automatically refreshed after I clicked to verify my edits and said “Congrats! You are now verified.”. Pretty cool

  3. Is the verify by website option available if you have already tried to verify your site by other means (phone/postcard) first? I remember before this announcement that it wasn’t possible if you had previously tried another method.

    1. @Michael A
      Historically the feature has only been available on a very limited basis and not visible… it seemed to require that Google had both a common Search Console verified account AND high trust in the business. I am not sure if that has changed.

  4. @Mike
    I’ve had like one or two cleints’ verification go through with instant verification. I’ve learned to go through the email and webmaster tools verification before I attempt to claim the business. Nevertheless. I think it’s high time that Google tweaks their algo to check a businesses authenticity – maybe checking some the the aggregator databases – and making verification easier for business owners.
    As an active mapper in Map Maker, I have been deleting a bunch of bogus, spam listings near me lately. Yet, on several occasions I am having trouble getting a card at a legitimate business location.
    Clearly, the mail verification process is impeding bonafide businesses, and an easier, validated business shouldn’t have any problem getting on Google when they’re listed elsewhere.

    Thanks for the post 😉

    1. Google, rightly or wrongly, sees ease of use and spam penetration as two sides of the same coin. IE if they make it harder then less abuses will occur and if they make it easier more will occur. They, in their words not mine, attempt at a balance on that scale.

      One way they have made it easier is the new Trusted Verifier program for Chambers and partners on the GetYourBusinessOnline program.

  5. I’ve never even seen the phone verification, let alone website verification. Surely it’s to verify the address anyway, so how would website verification work?

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