Why Acxiom Needs a New Name and Always Has

I am a student of local. I read Google patents, I study legal documents. And I am reasonably a good speller. That doesn’t mean that I can spell Acxiom’s name correctly very often. Nor can I pronounce it.

It is one of those corporate branding exercises that must have looked great on paper but never quite worked out in the real world and should be changed. I have at least 3 spellings that I use with regularity and I am sure there are variations I haven’t thought of.

As incontrovertible proof I offer up this document from the Google Legal team, known for dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s:

Legal Notices for Google Maps/Google Earth and Google Maps/Google Earth APIs

5.2 Google Local Business Listings in the United States

When you search for local listings, Google displays business listings which may be supplied by Acxiom Corporation and/or infoUSA Inc. (“Axciom” and/or “infoUSA”). This information is proprietary to those corporations and is protected under U.S. copyright law and international treaty provisions.

Even Google’s Legal Department gets it wrong 50% of the time.

Another thing about Acxion that is worse than their choice of name?

Their choice of URL for claiming local listings: http://mybusinesslistingmanager.myacxiom.com/

Someone else can rant about their actual UX.


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Why Acxiom Needs a New Name and Always Has by

6 thoughts on “Why Acxiom Needs a New Name and Always Has”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Mike. What’s even worse is that there are many different accounts you can sign up for in Acxiom and if you’re not well versed in how Acxiom works and what it is that they do, just trying to submit your business can be challenging.

  2. I have to type the word ‘Acxiom’ just about every day in my work, so my fingers have finally become trained to put the ‘c’ and the ‘x’ in the right order, but it took a lot of practice ;-). Suggestion to you Mike – write ‘Acxiom’ 100 times on the blackboard every day after school!

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