Google Rolling Out New Upgraded GMB – GMBL Interface

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All brand pages are now consolidated under their own tab and can be viewed in either card or list view

As we speak Google is in the process of rolling out Google My Business (GMB) & the Google My Bussiness Listing (GMBL bulk) interface updates with a logical integrated hierarchy that is consistent across both products. The upgrade provides improved navigation within any section of the product via improved menus (top and left) and breadcrumbs. It is currently visible to some users and will be visible to all over the coming week.

As of today I do not yet have direct access to the new interface and the help files have not yet been posted.

The interface adds modern navigational elements that create a consistency between the two dashboards and increases access to the many features regardless of the number of listings. It is arguable that these basic interface conventions should have been added quite a while ago, here’s hoping that ease of use is a prelude to additional marketing functionality.

Some highlights of the interface upgrade:

  • Improved menu along left allows for ease in contacting support and adding a manager
  • List view is available to both basic GMB and GMBL whitelisted bulk users for faster navigation
  • Better distinction in the menus between Location and Brand Pages
  • Quicker access to deeper review & insight information

Here is additional coverage:

Joy Hawkins – Imprezzio Marketing
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Are you seeing the new interface? If so what country are you in?

Here are some screen shots of the new interface.

Left side menu gives quick access to every feature including adding page managers and contacting support.
GMB TC Update - Navigation
Note the top level tabs and the card view



GMB TC Update - list view
The list view


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Google Rolling Out New Upgraded GMB - GMBL Interface by

12 thoughts on “Google Rolling Out New Upgraded GMB – GMBL Interface”

  1. I spotted the new ‘Brand Pages’ tab popup at the top of the dashboard, but nothing else has caught my eye so far. (USA based)
    Looking forward to this new interface!

  2. I’m taking care only for 1 Google My business page but earlier today I noticed the change in the dashboard view. It looks exactly as the screenshots above. So… it can be seen in Australia. Thanks for the post.

  3. I get the new Interface in Germany since couple of hours and i get it signed in with my TC account as well signed in to an ordinary normal User account
    My only complaint so far:
    The new inteface does’t show you “at a glance” any linkage to GMaps or Google+
    It just contains a link “VIEW LOCATION” linking to GoogleSearch only
    You can however get those links via two additional steps:
    Hit “MANAGE LOCATION” and then top right the red button “EDIT”
    Scrolling down to the page bottom you will see all three linkes as used to be on the old dashboard Interface.

  4. I love that they made it easier to find the managers of the page. This always baffled me at how hidden it was before in the settings area.

    I’m really happy that Google is making efforts to make the interface more user-friendly.

    Now if they could only do something about all the spam…

  5. @Joy
    Do they make it easier to now find contact information for existing owners/managers? I would prefer seeing email addresses for each manager rather than their names!

  6. @Joy
    Oh, I didn’t mean visible to the public, but rather visible to other page managers. This concern may only apply to agencies with access to multiple businesses and large chains with individual location owners. I guess we’ll see what this looks like soon!

  7. Do you have any info on the ability to add locations to GMB? Do I just set up one per location? Or can you declare your locations for 1 listing?

    I’m rubbish at this!


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