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OMG- Say it ain’t so Joe! Phone Numbers Once Again Gone from the 3 Pack?

Chris Alphen of EarlyOftenNow just noted in a comment on my post about the reappearance of phone numbers in the 3 Pack, their disappearance!

Shoeless Joe Jackson[5]A quick check across browsers that were showing phone numbers, confirm that they are once again not showing. For those of you that are not following the drama, to the dismay of many, phone numbers were first removed from the pack on August 7th. Several users reported their periodic reappearance in tests. On Thursday AM (Pacific time), Jennifer Slegg reported their widespread appearance in an article titled: Google Returns Phone Numbers & Addresses to Local 3-Pack noting the general sigh of relief at their return. By Thursday evening they had started appearing worldwide and despite my initial caution I noted that they had in fact rolled out. Now, Saturday morning Eastern time they are once again MIA. Go figure.

As I said on Thursday and revised for today: However given the spread and frequency of visibility my current money is on a rollout not a test. Rollout in the sense of testing for the next 3 months days or so as opposed to testing this week.

Here is a Safari, Mac screen shot. I checked in Chrome and Firefox and via an overseas proxy and all show the numbers as missing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.03.50 AM

Test? Rollout? Brainfart? Your call I am done calling it.

Update: I have heard from UK and Japan and both have lost the number in the pack.

And for Dave Oremland, who feels he has some sort of right to be able to see the phone number in case he needs emergency services while serving up students at his bartending school, I offer up these:

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.27.49 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.26.24 AM