Google Releases New Support Forum Platform

The Google My Business Forums and most other Google product forums as well are in the process of being upgraded to a totally new forum software. Like with every Forum upgrade that Google does, its one step forward and 2 (hopefully) back. Here is the Google My Business Forum announcement and they note:

Our new design is focused on making it easier for you to find the answers you need and ask questions in Google Product Forums.

There are two main types of pages:

Topic pages that focus on the content you need to see: the question, any best answers, and all replies.

Lists of topics that you can browse, filter, and search to find the information you need.

They are promising rapid iteration to add missing features but promise that this new forum will be faster and less filling.

Pinned topics will be significantly more visible as they reside at the top level of the forum (a good thing):

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.32.02 PM

And new posts will from across the forum will also be highlighted at the top level with the ability to segment them if needed. They will also show whether other top contributors have already replied minimizing the work of finding posts needing answers:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.31.51 PM


The biggest shortcoming for frequent posters will be the missing saved answers that can dramatically improve top contributor efforts. Apparently users will be able to return to the previous format until Google is confident that the major bugs are quashed.

The new format is only available for desktop and tablets with a mobile version TBA. In the meantime mobile users will be stuck with the current, can’t replace it soon enough version.

Your thoughts?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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3 thoughts on “Google Releases New Support Forum Platform”

  1. Mike re: “the missing saved answers”

    I’ve used a free but powerhouse program called Ditto for years. You can save snippets to whole pages of common replies you’ll need to make over an over again to questions like “Where did phone support go?” or “How do I hide my address on GMB?”

    But since it’s portable it’s always with you and comes in handy for replying on G+ and other places as well.

    It’s an extended clip board, so if you write a good reply you want to save for later just save it and then you have it any time you need it. 2 clicks and you just wrote 3 paragraphs without having to take time to type a thing.

    It’s one of my must have tools, both for time saving and for trying to save what’s left of my carpal.

  2. Thanks for the info Mike. I used the new support forum and it is an improvement. I also understand the issues with upgrading forum software so credit where credit is due.
    Peter Mead

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