The Google Local Pack Display Across Devices

Browserstack has an online tool that allows responsive design testing across different mobile devices.

I was curious if it would catch some of the display differences that Google has in representing the local pack across devices with different OSs and display sizes. The differences are interesting and legion.

There are some caveats like the fact that it uses a European proxy server and doesn’t reflect things like Google Now. Who knows how many other display types it doesn’t show as there is often variety by browser types, location and searcher as well as device type. I am not sure that it captures the iPhone 6 accurately either.

Regardless it shows the amazing diversity of how a single local search result might show across devices. When was the last time you saw a 7 pack with red pins on the desktop (Windows)? This variety also demonstrates one of the reasons that ranking tools are often inaccurate.

Click to view the slideshow.

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The Google Local Pack Display Across Devices by

4 thoughts on “The Google Local Pack Display Across Devices”

  1. Thank you. that is a fascinating, illustrative, and virtually mind boggling display.

    I have no idea how a different presentation appears. Do you have any idea? Is it what google mandates vis a vis a browser, is there a process that evolves between manufacturer, display size and google? Do Apple and/or Amazon (or any manufacturer) have a significant impact on display (and advertising).

    Finally it reminds me that Google is entirely in charge. Only google has ALL THE DATA They can aggregate all the data and adjust presentations that better fit their goals (I assume its mostly advertising revenues).

    This information takes me back to a statement by David Mihm; –> “Its Google’s World”

  2. This is amazing, Google, it seems, has customized Google local pack display for every device and never faltered in any of them.

  3. It’s hard to believe that Google is displaying different versions of local pack results across different devices. It’s a great finding Mike, thanks for sharing.

    I think it needs to be analyzed further with different keywords for different cities to check the changes. It could be something like A/B testing Google has been doing to check the CTR or user behaviors across devices. And there may be some big plan to implement on 21st April according to this test results.

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