Google Local Pack And Carousel Tests Continue

Last week Dr. Pete from Moz shared a new type of carousel replacement that was starting to show in some browsers. It was seen yesterday as well by Daniel Klotz of YDOP and by Max Minzer. It is similar to the test of the carousel replacement from early August but with the Map missing.

Darren Shaw of Whitespark also shared a new 7-Pack that DOES include the Map embedded in the results as opposed to floating to the right.



Obviously testing continues. If and when, if ever, we will see changes is anyone’s. Given the persistence of the carousel replacement test, I think we will see a change but it is not clear the final form.

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Google Local Pack And Carousel Tests Continue by

4 thoughts on “Google Local Pack And Carousel Tests Continue”

  1. Of the two, I like the one Darren found better. However the results are a bit too ‘review centric’ IMO. I hope they don’t buckle in to pressure from Yelp and Trip Advisor and start showing those results over strong organic SMB pages. Multiple Yelp results in organic SERPS really bug me 😉

  2. What I find weird is that we stopped seeing the “mobile pack” (the one Pete found) for non-carousel terms even though it was hot and heavy for a while.

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