11 thoughts on “Making Hay While the Sh*t Flies – What Should Union Street Do Now?”

  1. I would send this post to them, sounds like a solid advice.

    I’ll quote Bruce Lee 🙂 “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them”

  2. Good advice.

    Blame it on an untrained employee who has now left the firm. Review the policy and refund where fees were levied. I can’t believe though they actually tried this and got away with it. I don’t understand US law but it seems like an unfair charge to me and one that would easily have been defeated in a UK court.

    But yes the way google works in this day and age much can be made from the new found authority of those links even under the circumstances in which they were gained.
    Unless of course google de-indexes them for link abuse as in to many in so short a time can be seen as a black art.

  3. Yes, Mike… “make a sincere, heartfelt apology, refund any of the fees that were charged and go out and get some positive press.”

    And I’d for sure tie in a charity event (or events) as a way of penance. Do something for the community – something truly heartfelt and sincere. They made a big sloppy mistake, and they need to dam well make sure everyone knows they are good folks who do good things, and that they will, moving forward, be transparent, honest, and seek input from guests and others who have a vested interest in their hotel’s affairs. You are soooo right Mike, now is the time to “Make hay while the shit flies” – Im rooting for them 😉

  4. @Andy
    Great ideas all… and thank their many critics for allowing them to see the light.

    And of course start providing great service that can be recognized a such.

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