10 thoughts on “Factual No Longer Accepting Individual Updates”

  1. Funny that you posted this since I just found out about this the other night. I was trying to update a listing for a client on Sunday night and get an email from Factual afterward telling me that they no longer accept individual contributions.

    Bummer that they are going the pay to play route.

  2. h/t to myself. That was me in the Factual support forum. Now I’m working on submitting via API, as the “Trusted Data Contributors” all seem to want $$. Factual used to be my favorite Data Aggregator… not anymore. 🙁

  3. So when a data syndicator starts charging, don’t they risk having a less complete data set with more inaccuracies? This seems like a risk to their business model and the sort of thing that helps services like FourSquare invade their turf. Or am I all wet on that?

  4. Mike

    Thanks for posting. The comments are especially helpful. I hope some candid follow-on may continue the discussion:

    Factual does not charge to add data. This is important, as data has value and our goal is to become a frictionless repository for the world’s place data (more on this below). Removing cash removes much of the friction.

    Anyone can freely submit through the API, as you note: I recognize that not everyone can use an API, of course, so we intend to surface form-based edit and upload tools to help the process. We’ve made it easy for other local-focused organizations and individuals to create similar forms to add data programmatically to Factual.

    We launched email updates in an attempt to make it dead-easy to update data. It worked very well for a while, but the volume, and eventual verification, became untenable. By formalizing this relationship with our Trusted Data Contributors, we can focus on developing new tools that streamline the process of getting data into Factual, exposing where a contribution is in the pipeline, what, if any, attributes were changed on publication, and why.

    I appreciate that there are huge hurdles when updating business data online. My intention is to ensure that Factual removes as many of them as possible, where we can. The TDC Program is the beginning, not the conclusion, of our work on this problem.


    1. @Tyler
      Thanks for posting and keeping us updated. It is both welcome and refreshing.

      You note:
      we intend to surface form-based edit and upload tools to help the process

      When might we expect to see that?

  5. Well…as of today – right now in fact – there aint no such puppy available…..sigh….but yeah thanks Tyler for the notice and Mike for the news!


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