Should a Local Business Use Just a Local Page or a A Brand Page And a Local

I have written before about the fact that it is not possible to merge a G+ Page for local with other page types like brand or company. But the question of the relative value of one page versus another is an om-going question for me. Is there a benefit to having both page types if so when and what type of business would do best to do so?

I raised the question on Google Plus and am posting the conversation here as it has been very valuable:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Should a Local Business Use Just a Local Page or a A Brand Page And a Local by

9 thoughts on “Should a Local Business Use Just a Local Page or a A Brand Page And a Local”

  1. Thank you, I’ve wondered if I should have both many times. It’s more work because then you have to post on both but they do serve different purposes.

  2. I have a Brand Page as a “Local” Page wasn’t available when I signed up (early adoption). I have not created a Local Page. I can see the advantages of a Local Page, however I’m not inclined to create one right now. I’m in a wait and see mode as to how to best proceed. It’s an interesting topic Mike.

  3. Both?

    The G+ Business/Brand page can communicate content/offers/news/tips on the regular, while the G+ Local page transmits reviews and location info important when people are on the search local for those good/services.

  4. @Chris
    The local G+ Page can do so as well. And since the local knowledge panel is more likely to show in search (on brand searches) there is actually an increased chance it will be seen.

  5. You should have both. Having a page on Google will allow you to capture the search engine boost. However, there is a problem with this approach. You also need to have a page that’s completely your own. This is for your potential customers who want to know more about your brand.

  6. I think it all depends on the size of the business, and the amount of time they are willing to put aside to post on the Google pages.

    Many of my clients only have 1 or 2 physical locations so a local page is the best option, as they would only be wasting time posting on both pages.

    I do believe however that a local page is more beneficial for local businesses, and the brand pages should be left alone for the big guys like Ford & Coca Cola

  7. We have a Google+ Local Page and recently created a Brand Page for part of our business that is Global. My partner Ellen is a WordPress Pagelines DMS developer that creates product extensions that sell on the Pagelines DMS store. She works on Pagelines DMS projects for developers that need help too.

    I handle the Local Search and Google+ part of the business, therefore, we have our Google+ Local page for the services we provide locally where we meet with the client either at their location, sometimes at our home office.

    You are only allowed one Google+ local page, but you can create brand pages for other parts of your business that might be national or global as in our situation. I believe we are within Google+ guidelines on all of this.
    Here’s our Google+ Page (Local)

    Here’s our Google+ Page (Brand)

    I researched the Brand Page because we know of other businesses asking about this. Google created Google+ Brands, which has a wealth of information including a Partner Playbook (under the Basics Tab) that includes everything you need to know about Brand Pages with tips and checklists.

    1. @Susan
      I am not suggesting that one should never use a brand page.

      I have however not fully discovered what it takes to get a brand page to show on the front page of Google which is a significant portion of the appeal of any given Google page to a client.

      Certainly an article in Wikipedia would do it, but without that how many followers, how many posts, how many pluses and how many shares would it take for the machine to recognize a page inside of Plus as something of worth that should be shown on the front page of Google.

      while there is the same issue with the local Page, but I would ask most businesses, why do that twice? Why not do it once?

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