How Do I Merge Two Google+ Page Pages? A Very Common Question

Update July 2014: If you are looking to convert a Brand page to a Local page Google has recently released that functionality. Read about it here:  Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages

Because of the slow and never ending transition of Places to Plus and because of less than stellar communications from Google since the rollout of Plus, a very large number of small local businesses have ended up with more than one Google+ Page.

Over the past 6 weeks I have received a stead stream of inquiries as to how to deal with the situation.  I wrote up my answer today at LocalU.

How Do I Merge My Google + Pages? Usually You Can’t, Now What?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
How Do I Merge Two Google+ Page Pages? A Very Common Question by

3 thoughts on “How Do I Merge Two Google+ Page Pages? A Very Common Question”

  1. Awesome – we have a client with duplicate pages and have been working to help her synch the two. It’s been a challenge since she had a bad SEO provider who earned her a Penguin 1.0 slap, and it was so bad we scrapped the domain and moved on to a new one. The old domain had NOTHING but junk links on it, so no harm done.

    The old provider kept ownership of her first page, and the URLs are different, so Google has locked us out of it. I’ll go check your write up. Very glad you put this together for us. Cheers Mike!

  2. I’ve read your article over and over, but I’m still not clear about which is the right option for me. I have a local and a national page. What is the point of the national page? I dare not delete it in case it has a function, but I can’t find out any information on what that function might be!

    Your article doesn’t really help and it’s just a long-winded way of saying “You can keep both pages or delete the national one, but apart from that I don’t know the answer”.

    If the local page is most likely to come up in national search results, what’s the point of the national page?

    Thanks for trying anyway. It’s ok to say “I don’t know,” though.

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