Google MapMaker Back Online – What has changed?

Google MapMaker is back on line after having been down for several days. What has changed?

Commenter George noted that that it is once again showing SABs hidden addresses. Probably a bug.

The other obvious change is that it no longer is accepting custom categories. What else have you noticed?

Here is the post that Mark mentions in the comments. Not much here. But I have to believe more has changed in the plumbing and the relationship to the local database.

New email settings

  • Be the first to know what’s going on in Map Maker or track your edits by checking the email preferences in the Settings menu.
  • To Enable email preferences:
  • Click the gear icon at the top right corner on the viewport.

  • Select Settings from the dropdown.

  • From the “Email preference” section, check your preferred options.

  • Click Save and you’re done.

New message pop-up for disconnected segments

  • Sometimes, disconnected roads are created that do not add any value to maps data. To avoid such erroneous additions, you will be prompted to confirm if the new road is actually not connected to any road segment. If you’re sure that such a road exists, you can check “Continue” and add the road.

Temporarily removing the duplicate option while deleting a feature

  • In order to do some behind-the-scenes improvements, we have temporarily removed the option “ This feature is a duplicate” while deleting any feature. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you once it’s back. In the meantime, if you’d like to delete a duplicate, choose the reason as “Other” and mention that you are deleting a duplicate in the “Comments” section.
  • Deprecated “Geometric accuracy” from Map Maker
  • Continuing our process of streamlining Map Maker with Google Maps, we have deprecated the “Geometric accuracy’ attribute from the Map Maker interface.


Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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5 thoughts on “Google MapMaker Back Online – What has changed?”

  1. I was actually able to add a custom category today. It did not show up as a suggestion, and I thought it won’t save it, but it did. It went through right away.

  2. We had a customer loose their places label in maps. Other businesses in the same complex retained theirs. Google support said it’s determined by the algorithm and unrelated to data, so I’m not sure if this is relevant to updates. I used to think that places labels appeared for nearly all business, or at the very least those verified on Google+ local.

  3. This is pretty cool, I spend a lot of time on the East Coast of Taiwan and while the weather and scenery is wonderful over there, getting around can be a challenge if your not traveling with a local. I can travel around a bit and help map out that area to help other visitors.

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