2 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts on iOS 7.01, Siri and Buying the 5s”

  1. Go into settings > General > background app update and turn it off. This is so apps can update automatically in the background when you are not using them, and if you have a lot of apps open it can be a real battery suck.

  2. I upgraded my iPad Mini; a couple of apps needed some tweaking, other than that, it’s been good. Holding off on the iPhone until they get things a bit tighter.

    Interesting to hear about the large commission gap between iPhone and Samsung.

    ($5.00 commission…) “uhhm, we don’t have any iPhones in stock, they really haven’t been selling all that well, but we do have a very few of the new, incredible, better, sleeker, faster, Samsung models in stock, would you like to look at one of those instead?

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