2 thoughts on “Updated Web Equity Infographic”

  1. Thanks for making an excellent infographic even better, Mike.

    I’m wondering where domain-based email addresses should fit in. Maybe they already go in or near the bull’s-eye. Obviously, if possible, it’s best to use an email associated with your site for claiming your Google and other listings, in case there’s any question as to ownership.

    Also, I’m thinking authorship and/or publisher markup might fit in there somewhere. I don’t believe all the hype about “AuthorRank” and so forth, but it’s certainly an online asset, insofar as (1) it takes a little work to implement and (2) it affects your visibility and reputation.

    Another stray thought: any merit in including “government business records” (or similar wording) somewhere near the center? This sort of gets into the territory I got into in my “7 Ways to Kill Your Local Search Rankings without Touching a Computer” post, but having “your papers” squared away (or not) can affect your NAP, of course.

  2. Great info Mike, and thanks for your updated infographic. I read the following sentence a couple of times thinking ‘what?’ ha.

    “It is easy to place information on the web but not see easy to the wrong information off.”

    I think your intent was something like “… web, but not be easy to get the wrong information off.”

    btw, the button to submit a comment here is ‘Submit Query’. I think of query as a search. No biggie of course, but you might want to change that.

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