How to Delete Your Google Places for Business Dashboard Listing in One Easy Step (Or Brainfarts + Bad UI = Bad Outcomes)

Since Google has allowed  business listings created via the (old) Places Dashboard to merge with and take on attributes of a G+ Page for local, it has been standard procedure in certain problem cases to delete the G+ Page and return the listing to a non-social listing. I had done so on numerous occasions with no ill effects.

So when I when I was demonstrating to a client exactly how easy it was to create the social features for a business listing from the new Places for Business Dashboard, I assumed that there would be no issues if I deleted the social pages and reverted the listing back to a basic listing until they were ready for a more social listing. Well the old saw, “if you assume you make an ass out of u and me” definitely applies in this situation.

If you delete a business’s social page of an upgraded listing, the listing will also be deleted from the new Places for Business Dashboard and require reverification to add back. The process will also delete any other Google+ entities that you may have created.

Here is the Google messaging when you go to delete the social page of an upgraded business listing:

Sometimes small, unclear sentences can have BIG consequences


When Google says all Google Services, they mean ALL GOOGLE SERVICES including your business listing from your dashboard.

What can you do if you or your client has an upgraded business listing and don’t need or want the social tab? As far as I can tell, nothing. While Google offers up the ability to shut off the video, photos and business reviews (of other businesses) tabs they do not offer any facility, once a business listing in the new dashboard has been upgraded to social & video, to shut of the social stream on the listing.

Path: Pages/Manage this page/Settings (scroll to bottom)
Path: Pages/Manage this page/Settings (scroll to bottom)



Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
How to Delete Your Google Places for Business Dashboard Listing in One Easy Step (Or Brainfarts + Bad UI = Bad Outcomes) by

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  1. That’s good to know, Mike. I have deleted temporary Pages before, and I get the same glaring warning that ALL my content will be erased, which scared me into thinking it also meant my personal profile. That isn’t the case, it just deletes the page, so it’s kind of like crying wolf on Google’s part until someone realizes they should add a few more words of clarity to the warning.

  2. Mike, on the flip side it’s even worse.

    Trying to delete an unverified listing from the Places dash? It gives you super scary messaging like above but worse, because I think the system “assumes” the Places listing is attached to a G+ listing even when in the cases below they were not and had not upgraded to +.

    Again this is an UNCLAIMED listing in dash that someone just wants to remove. The message says scary weird stuff like:

    “Deleting Place page… will also delete the Google account that’s associated with it”???

    “You will still responsible for financial transactions” What???

    “I understand that under certain circumstances my earnings won’t be paid out” What??? What earnings?

    The 2nd box says “yes I want to delete my account” NOT listing, but account! Meaning the entire account will be deleted if you delete and unclaimed Place page?

    See screenshots below in post 17, 19 and 21 from 2 users including Colan who verified it.

    I reported to Google.

  3. Thanks for the update. That is one wherein people will make the same mistake.

    Its one thing to turn off the social signals. It should be a viable option. But to remove every essence of local is sort of a death knell….

    It kills the simple signal of the largest most used most accessed YP equivalent in the world

    Now that is drastic and something nobody wants.

    Hope they heed your comments and fix this one pronto.

  4. Dave
    People will make the same mistake. But don’t overstate the effect.

    You won’t lose your listing, Google will keep that in the index and continue to show it.

    You probably won’t lose the data you added as Google trusted it as it came from a verified source.

    What you will lose is the ability to edit the listing and update content. And you will lose some time. After the faceplant you will have to reclaim the listing.

  5. Thanks, Mike. I once shied away from hitting that button for fear of exactly what you describe here. It felt too much like Russian roulette (with a semi-auto).

    The folks at Google are such lazy SOBs. How hard would it be to add 5 bullet points under that “Delete” button, with a header that reads, “You might want to choose this option if…”

  6. Thank you very much for explaining your bad experience.

    I had recommended similar processes earlier also. Seems Google changed again somethings on their end.

  7. @EHG
    Yes it does seem to be changed and did not include any alerts as to the change. Two weeks ago the wording was scarier but the impact less. Now the wording is mundane and the impact is disastrous. Go figure.

    It is not clear why it is necessary to delete all to get rid of one attribute. Particularly since that attribute (your social stream tab) can not be hidden in the interface.

    Bad form all the way around.

  8. Sorry all that happened, Mike. But I’ve got to be honest, I’m glad it happened to you and not to me. Thanks for learning and sharing a valuable lesson for the rest of us. Perhaps that your one mistake for the year. You’re gold going forward. 🙂

  9. I deleted my google+ local business page a few weeks ago, but it continues to show in google search results. Is there anything I can do?

  10. @Mike – I have an odd question… I have a client that has 3 listings within Google Places. The first 2 are the same location (city and state) and the 3rd is an alternate location. The 1st location appears to be the listing that shows in local search and is a 100% maximized profile and is VERIFIED. The 2nd profile, which who knows why it was even created appears to be the UNVERIFIED profile that is linked to the company Google + page. If I delete the 2nd listing (which I assume I should do) then the Google + business pages goes along with it correct? Can I transfer that Google + Business page over to the verified profile and keep that one?

    1. The 2nd profile, which who knows why it was even created appears to be the UNVERIFIED profile that is linked to the company Google + page. If I delete the 2nd listing (which I assume I should do) then the Google + business pages goes along with it correct? Can I transfer that Google + Business page over to the verified profile and keep that one?

      Are these listings in the old or the new dashboard?

      How is an unverified listing linked to a page?

  11. @Mike – Yes it is in the new Dashboard (all 3 listings appear) with only the second being UNVERIFIED.

    I don’t understand either how an unverified profile can actually be linked to a Google + page.

    In the new dashboard when I click Google + link in the unverified profile it links directly to the correct company page. The VERIFIED profile does not and asks me to create a new + page.

  12. @Ed
    Without seeing the listings and perhaps the dashboard I do not have enough information to comment. It sounds like possibly the two data points are in the midst of merging but I can’t be sure.

    Did you call Google support? What did they say?

  13. @Mike – Ah, that’s a good point and with Google it seems as if that process could be lengthy. I am also highly concerned about removing the secondary listing in fear that the Plus page will disappear as well. I’m attempting to call them again. I can upload a screen shot of the dashboard as well. What number do you suggest calling for the best results with this?

  14. Hi Mike:

    As you stated within your post, when trying to delete a Google Plus Local page you are presented with the ominous check list with the one option being that proceeding will delete the associated Google account. The account listed is in the format of

    (note I have inserted holder place characters)

    I did called places support and they indicated that deleting the Google Plus Local Page does not delete the associated Gmail account or any attached service such as adwords, merchant center, etc…

    Do you have any updated information on this? I want to proceed cautiously.

    For background, I planned deleting this listing for several reasons including:

    1. The original places listing was created to represent a brick and mortar business, since then this business has become a online business only. So the listing is now representing a website.

    2. We have two other websites originating at this same address. The places reps stated you need a separate address and phone number for each listing. Each of these also has a places page. Its my intent to eliminate all but one Google Plus Local page.

    3. It should be noted that each of the websites does have the usual G+ business page associated with it.



    1. It doesn’t delete any gmail related services but it will delete Plus related services associates with the account.

      Even if you delete it, it will continue to show in the local index unless you mark it as closed which seems like it would be counterproductive.

      I would keep the local page in your dashboard and post on it that folks should head over to the appropriate Google Plus Pages for Business.

  15. Hi Mike,

    I am a bit confused here for a client… they are a service based business that does events. As a part of an old SEO strategy they had Google + places listed and then they set up Google+ local. Now they don’t really want to see reviews, so was wondering if we could turn them off (I think reviews are linked to the google+ local account?)

    I should also mention:
    There are 2 different Google Places accounts for 2 different companies all under this same address (they are 2 different companies – one is an agency, and the events company is a subset of this company). They’ve been verified on the places account but they still haven’t been upgraded to the new dashboard, which I feel would make this less confusing. Would there be a reason why they still haven’t been upgraded?

    Thanks for any help or advice you have.

    1. @Lindsey
      With a G+ Page for local, whether created by Google, in the old dashboard, in the new dashboard or in Plus, you are not able to turn off reviews. They are there for the public to leave.

      Google just only started moving Australia to the new dashboard at the end of January. Some listings are more difficult than others for Google to switch over. For example if a listing is claimed in two accounts they need to resolve who gets to control it going forward. They will do it when they feel comfortable they can do it properly.

  16. Hello,

    Great information to have as I was about to delete one of these pages. I am having issues with my google+ social page that is tied to my YouTube channel. It was suspended because it wasn’t verified. I attempted to verify it, but had a places listing under another email address for the same business and it prompted me to become a manager of that listing on my YouTube account’s email address so I could verify it. When I followed the instructions, it didn’t verify my current listing. Instead, it transferred over another verified social listing to my account that is now extra and not attached to my YouTube Channel. The YouTube channel has been disabled because of the google+ page suspension and it’s a big mess that I can’t figure out how to fix. I tried verifying the unverified page seperately with a postcard, but the place to enter the PIN is grayed out because it says I already have that listing on my account. So, now I have two google+ accounts, one attached to my YouTube channel that is unverified and suspended and one that is verified and unattached. I was wondering if I could delete the verified one that I accidentally created and then be able to enter the PIN for the unverified one, but it sounds like that would delete my google places page, too, with my reviews (which is still under another account.) I tried transferring the YouTube account to the other google+ page that is verified, but I don’t have the option in settings (I think because the account has been disabled).

  17. I have my Google Places and Google+ Local pages linked. I want to delete both of them but I’m worried only the Google+ Local page will delete and they Places page will still show up. If that’s the case I would want to keep the account to at least control it. So basically I either want both pages or neither. Do you know what will happen if I delete it?

  18. @Tracy
    The pages are not linked they are essentially one and the same IF your listing is in the new dashboard.

    If you delete the page Google will continue to show a stripped down listing in Maps if they think that it is a legit location.

  19. Hi yea,
    How can I delete listing even were I not able to login to what ever account it was created with in the first place. See I need to submit a business but the last business that was there was submitted and is shown on Google maps. I want to do a clean break from what was there in the past to ……. what is there now. Can you advise please. thanks very much.


      1. The only ways to get rid of a review is a)flag it and prey that google takes it down b) close your business c)sell your and change names or d)file a lawsuit against the poster and have a judge order google to take it down.

  20. Trying to remove a address listing on google and other web address, have a insured that when you google their address it comes up as a business and he no longer has business, but when insurance company looks up address the business pops up, how can he remove his business from the look up and it only come up residential , thanks need help

  21. I am trying to cancel my business listings on Google. No one seems to want to HELP me. WHY???? My company closed down in April 2014 and it is still listed!!! The company name is HindSight Planning (HSP) Pty Ltd. If you are able to HELP me you can contact me on this email or phone me on 0409 469 575. Please someone help me. Paul Golder

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