Signing Up for Helpouts- It’s a Snap!

Google Helpouts holds out the promise of allowing local consultants, instructors and trainers of projecting to a world wide market and of allowing national vendors of providing individualized support for the customers. As Phil Rozek pointed out in my post highlighting their new marketing effort there is a lot that can go wrong from conception to success not the least of which is Google’s propensity to start a project only to abandon it the next quarter when it didn’t scale to their expectation (despite the fact that they did ZERO marketing…can you say PunchD?).

That being said I thought I would click on the exclusive invitation and see if it let me sign up. It did. I went through the sign up process and I have to say: I am impressed. It literally is a less than 10 minute process and makes getting started very, very easy. (You can request an invitation here.)

If Google can deliver customers via their Helpout marketplace it will open up a whole new way for knowledge workers to deliver value across the world.

Here are the screen shots of the simple 3 step process to set up a Helpout listing (you can apparently have more than one):


Introduction Screen
Click to view larger:


Click to view larger:
Step 1- Add details
Step 1- Add details
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Step- 1a - Confirm that financial details
Step- 1a – Confirm financial details
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Step 2 – Drag and drop photo add
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Step - 4 - Confirmation
Step – 4 – Confirmation
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6 thoughts on “Signing Up for Helpouts- It’s a Snap!”

  1. Lucky! I’m still waiting for my request to join to process… Applied 1-2 weeks ago.

    This resource can be extremely valuable for a business if they understand that online presence & interacting with their customers online is a part of their business.

  2. Very cool. Thanks for documenting this, Mike.

    If Helpouts sticks around and catches on, I would imagine that Google would do something like add “Businesses with Helpouts” as a filter in the carousel, or include a little symbol next to the review stars in the G+L / Maps results. Of course, that’s the sort of thing that would motivate business owners to try it and potentially reward them for doing so.

  3. @Max
    Lucky, probably not. I clicked on an email someone else sent me and I may have claimed theirs inadvertently. Live and learn.

    Or… when someone searches for “guitar lessons”, “life coaching” or “help changing my car’s air filter” Google will just show an enhanced search result of the Helpouts?

  4. @Linda
    That is true. They charge 20%. It may be too much but Google is individually vetting each and every venture, backing up each offer with a 100% money back guarantee and providing credit card processing services.

    The other use case is “free”. That might allow for limited assessments etc.

    I will have more on the T&C’s Monday. It may be too much that remains to be seen.

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