Google’s 5-(orange) Stars Spreading Internationally, to Adwords & Rich Snippets

More folks are reporting the visibility of the 5-Star system on the main search results that Google has been rolling out. I am seeing them at work in Chrome on my Mac but not in Safari or Firefox and I am still not seeing them at home. There were also reports of them being seen in the Netherlands so they are obviously going global simultaneously.

I was surprised to see that the same orangey color was being applied to both rich snippet reviews AND to AdWord reviews. The orange is very visible on the Local Carousel but less so against the white background on the main search results. It would be interesting to see an eye tracking study to see if they disrupt searcher behavior as much as the yellow color does.

The 5-Stars have been permanently moved onto the G+ Page and the new Maps and are still intermittent on the desktop. They have not yet been spotted in mobile search or on the old Maps yet.

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Google's 5-(orange) Stars Spreading Internationally, to Adwords & Rich Snippets by

16 thoughts on “Google’s 5-(orange) Stars Spreading Internationally, to Adwords & Rich Snippets”

  1. I’m in Miami, Fl and we’re seeing the stars now via Google Chrome, but not via FF, IE or Safari.

    They are appearing whether logged into Gmail or not, as long as we are not viewing it from an incognito window.

    Not fond of the orange stars on the black background in the carousel, would rather a light gray background personally.

  2. The Gold Stars appear in Google Maps app on my Android.

    The Maps App change in appearance and operation a few days ago.

    But the Ratings button which allowed a user to choose what Rating level to display is not on the new version. The Ratings is still there in iPad Google Plus Local app.


  3. It appears that only 4 reviews are required to have your stars show up in the SERPs. Type in “jewelry Boston” (for example) and look at the business ranked #5. 4.2 average, based on 4 reviews.

  4. If you are looking to get stars next to your Adwords, we have a free service that will help you. You need 30 reviews from verified customers. Takes about 3 to 4 weeks for start to appear. Once you have the stars CTR increases on average 17%.

    1. Tim,
      I don’t normally allow solicitation of any sort on the blog. But I posted your comment as it was useful to know the Adwords requirments.

      I visited you site and was curious how this works:
      Get Stars Next To Your Name
      We have a partnership agreement with Google which means your review rating (stars) will show up next to your Adwords campaigns and your Google Shopping results (reviews are a ranking factor within the Google Shopping Results).

  5. @ Phil

    I think it takes 5 reviews.

    For the example you use, I think there was a 5-star rating WITHOUT a review.

    Google seems to treat those old ratings without a review differently. In the review count they sometimes do not include those without a review.

    That would give 21 stars divided by 5 reviews for a 4.2 average.
    Otherwise it would be 16 stars divided by 4 reviews for a 4.0 average.

    It is not a big deal but it might help explain why some showing 4 reviews have stars and others showing 4 reviews do not have stars, yet.


    1. @Stephano
      Yes and iPhone mobile safari has now switched as well.

      I think that only leaves old Google Maps desktop… wonder what they are going to do with that.

  6. I’m seeing stars in all 3 browsers now. Chrome, FF and IE. (I’m in Socal.)

    Others are reporting too. So I think it may be starting to roll out or at least they are testing on a much wider basis.

  7. Seeing nice shiny gold stars across the board here in the UK. Have checked Chrome, Firefox and IE. Only place I can still find the Zagat 30 rating is on old Maps.

  8. @John
    At one time adding location extensions added the review stars. It is not clear that is still the case. For sure, Adwords Express will add them but I would call Google and ask them.

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