Local Carousel Reporting from Around the Local Web

05carousel5Here are articles from around the web and myself that I found of value in understanding the new Local Carousel. If you have any others that you also found useful please let me know.

Overarching Analysis & Commentary
Google’s ‘Local Carousel’ Comes to PC with Mixed Results – Greg Sterling
Google’s Local Carousel – Trapped in Google’s World? – Mike Blumenthal (MB)
New Local Carousel – Aaron Wall

User Behavior Analysis:
10 Random People’s Reactions Mike Ramsey, NiftyMarketing
Google’s New Local Carousel: Where Will They Click? John Van Bockern, Ethical Consulting
A Heat Map Click Study For Google’s Local Carousel Results – Mike Ramsey, Local U
Dueling Local Carousel CTR Studies: 48% vs. 30% vs. 10% – Greg Sterling

Say Goodbye To Non-branded Keyword Traffic If You’re In The Local Carousel – Greg Gifford, AutoRevo
Local Carousel Ranking – MB
Why the Local Carousel Make Local Branded AdWords More Important  – MB
54 Keywords Triggering Google’s Local Carousel – Adam Dorfman, Sim Parnters
Google Users May Determine Which Photos Represent Your Business in the Carousel – JSO Digital

Some of the More Bizarre Local Carousel Results from Google – MB
Distinguishing the Local Carousel from the Knowledge Graph Carousel – MB
How Many Results Are Required for the New Local Carousel to Display? At least 5 – MB

Announcement (often with tactical tidbits)
Google Rolls Out Local Carousel Display in US for Dining, Nightlife, Hotels, and Other Attractions – MB
New Layout for Local Searches in Google – Greg Gifford, AutoRev
Google Officially Launches the Local Carousel: What You Need To Know – Mike Wilton
Google Local Carousel – OFFICIALLY Launched! – Linda Buquet
Google Introduces New Carousel Display for Local Results – LocalU

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7 thoughts on “Local Carousel Reporting from Around the Local Web”

  1. Great collection here Mike, and thanks for including my post. I have a couple more in the works.

    What’s interesting to me is how quickly the overall industry seemed to go quiet about the topic after the first couple of days, yet there is still so much to learn about this change which is impacting so many search spaces.

  2. Yes great round up Mike and thanks for including one of my posts on the topic too.

    @Mike W – I’m with you on the going quiet part. I kept talking about it.
    I think it was so visual that many went wow initially. But there are so many other issues going on in local right now that need to be dealt with by consultants and SMBs. Plus for a good percentage of consultants specialize in Drs, Dentists, Attorneys and SABs, so for them the Carousel is a non-issue — for now at least.

  3. No way to control which photo displays on the carousel?

    And, if no website, all you get is the Google map so how is there any relevance without a website and it being listed before listings that do?

    1. @Dennis
      Whether the Map shows or not is a function of whether Google has images on hand for the business not whether they have a website. Images could come from a user at Google or perhaps at one of the image sites or a trusted directory.

      Google will pick the image but will give preference to owner uploaded images. I think that the algo seems to like certain types (food closeups, building fronts etc) so if you have uploaded several good choices you should be safe.

  4. With the list of articles its a good thing your initials are MB and not BM. 😉

    PS: ( upon writing the above I had to pause a bit before checking the “confirm you are NOT a spammer” button) 😀

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