Why You Should Have a Professional Proofreader for Your Bulk Emails

Language is an interesting thing. Sometimes it can be used in terribly inappropriate ways. Like in this email from the US Chamber of Commerce where he suggests “we remember those that have given to the cause ” of supporting “the most… opportunistic country in the world”. The email went from tribute to travesty in one word that could’ve been avoided if they had just bothered to hire a proofreader before publishing the memo.

U.S. Chamber Small Business Nation
Dear Mike ,

As we celebrate the long weekend and unofficial start of the summer season, we also want to take a moment to commemorate our nation’s veterans, past and present.

Did you know that Memorial Day is the only holiday that begins with the flag at half-staff in honor of the fallen and then raises it to full-mast at noon to inspire and pay tribute to those that serve on in their stead?

We’re lucky to live in the most free and opportunistic country in the world. Today we remember those who have given to that cause.

We hope you’ll take a minute to share our post on Facebook.

Share your thanks for those who fought to keep us free

Have a safe and happy memorial day,

Rob Engstrom
SVP and National Political Director
U.S. Chamber of Commerce


U.S. Chamber of Commerce 1615 H Street, NW Washington DC 20062-2000

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Here is Google’s (and generally accepted) definition of the word:



  1. Exploiting chances offered by immediate circumstances without reference to moral principle.
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7 thoughts on “Why You Should Have a Professional Proofreader for Your Bulk Emails”

  1. Mike,

    Good catch. It’s the opportunistic mentality that is turning this into LESS of the great country it once was.

    Not sure how this ‘got through’ whatever systems the US Chamber has but it sounds like it was written by someone who has little life experience. Even in this ‘tribute’ the honoring of vets and those fallen is in third place behind a long weekend and the unofficial start of summer. What a shame. Oh wait, it’s a form of social media so that means it has to be written by someone just out of college. I keep forgetting that important ‘rule’ that has developed in recent years.

    Also, using Memorial Day as a way to get people to post to Facebook and expand your reach is tacky at best no matter how well it is written.

    Thanks for pointing this out. Have a great day.

  2. Tee hee hee. Good catch, Mike. And, unfortunately, that adjective might be viewed as highly applicable to the U.S. But not in the way I’m assuming the Chamber of Commerce must have meant. Ooops 🙂

  3. Oy. This email is a travesty on so many levels, from the poor use of the word “opportunistic”, to the cliched use of “and so much more”, to the odd punctuation in the display art, to the overall tone and message of the email.

    I agree with Frank. This looks another example of a business or organization handing off creative work to an inexperienced person. (“Hey, let’s get an intern/college student/freelancer to write our blog/copy or do our social media for free!”)

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